How Can Motion Graphics Support Your Business Strategy?


Cisco says that by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will come from viewing videos. That shows what an average user does on the internet. Now while video content can be at the heart of your business strategy, it’s worth knowing that not all videos get quality watch time.

Plus, everyone’s creating videos. What’s it that you’re doing is completely new? Do your brand stories stand out from the crowd? Are you using animations to catch the breath of the viewer? Is it fascinating? Is it bringing results?

Yes, these are so many questions to answer. But it’s worth knowing if your videos satisfy the above criteria. If you’re struggling, there’s a way to get your message across and create impact.

It’s motion graphics. Motion graphics are not perfect for creative storytelling, but can build a brand persona that is smart, strong, and compelling. Brands in the digital space are already using motion graphics to level up their content game.

While some are doing it on their own, some have partnered up with creative motion graphics studios to get leagues ahead of their competitors.

That’s what this blog is all about. You’ll learn to leverage motion graphics to boost your business strategy.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this blog;

  • 3 popular styles of motion graphics
  • How do explainer and promotional motion graphics serve brands?
  • How do motion graphics make your content easy to consume?
  • How you can use motion graphics text to get more traction?
  • How you can use motion graphics to stand out from other brands?
  • How to boost social shares of your post with motion graphics?


This blog has a whole lot more ideas you can take inspiration from. After reading this blog, you’ll learn how you can improve your business strategy through motion graphics.

So, let’s dive right in!

3 popular styles of motion graphics

Following are three really popular motion graphics styles you can check out and get inspiration for your project.

Emotional videos

Emotional videos made using motion graphics are probably the most popular form being used today. These are unique and can help you to build an emotional connection with your audience.

To make the most of it, you can choose to include a call to action (CTA) in your video.

This can be a free resource, an e-book, free consultation, or anything. With emotional videos, you have the freedom to opt for storytelling and convey your brand’s message in a creative and highly engaging fashion.

Explainer videos

Explainers are the most common type of motion graphic videos that are being produced by companies. Motion graphics that power up explainers may be used for B2B purposes.

Explainer motion graphics are super-trendy and can help you to convey your brand proposition to prospective clients in a creative and memorable fashion.

Promotional motion graphics

While motion graphics are eye-catching, it is no doubt that they’re gold for promotional campaigns. In fact, there are lots of brands already making good use of this practice. They’re incorporating motion graphics to explain their products and services to customers.

You can do the same. The delivery would be animated, thoughtful, yet attractive. You can choose to display your top products on your website. It might be more beneficial, especially when you need to draw in more conversions for a particular product.

So, using motion graphics on your product page might work out well for you. Since promotional motion graphics can be expensive, it’s best to create this keeping in mind trends.

Motion graphics make easy-to-consume content

Your business strategy cannot overlook the need for content consumption. Content is powerful.

Whether you’re in B2B or B2c, you just can’t afford to overlook the need to create compelling content that’s not just engaging, but sends leads buzzing about your brand.

We can’t emphasize more on the need for creating quality content.

Now since the content is an essential aspect of any business strategy, it would pay us more, if we could why we need a video marketing strategy.

Yes, videos are seriously effective, but we must know that there are two key factors that have made brands use motion graphics in their videos.

Firstly, video length is an important factor. Not many people are interested in watching long videos. Two, consumption. Consuming content needs to be ridiculously easy (for the viewer).

Here are some statistics that hint at the need for producing more micro-sized content. There is extant research that claims that viewership drops after the first 2-3 minutes of video content.

Now we know that all social platforms rolled out reels and shorts for a particular reason.

For one, our attention spans are declining. Two, with so much content circling our feeds, it only takes a fraction of a second for other content to distract us and catch us off, guard. Three, our brains are getting used to more bite-sized forms of content consumption.

And, frankly speaking, it’s effective.

All this may sound like a cakewalk, but it’s not. Grabbing attention and holding it for two to three minutes is hard. That’s where most brands struggle.

Most can claim that they’ve put in everything in creating compelling content, but if there are no results (engagement from users) to back it, it really is nothing but clutter accumulating in your content library.

How can you grab attention in seconds?

Given the challenges you read above, there’s one way to solve your problem. One way to make your video delightful for the viewers. And, leave a mesmerizing touch to the mind of the viewer. You can use motion graphics.

Using motion graphics will help you catch more eyes, pique the interest of viewers and engage them by sharing your bite-sized videos for their creative appeal.

Moreover, if you’re new to the crew (your niche), you can always leverage motion graphics to boost brand awareness and draw in more leads.

Using motion graphics text

Motion graphics make you ponder a thousand creative possibilities. If you’re done with tweaking elements and telling stories with their motion, you can opt to animate text. Motion graphics utilizes text for being useful for B2B content.

Animated texts can grab attention and can often be a visual treat for the viewer. Moreover, more than 85% of all videos watched on Facebook have no sound. It is so since while watching videos, most of us are commuting or at the workplace.

Plus, as ads are being watched with no sound, the content has to be so powerful that you can get the message across without any sound. And, a cool reason to do that is 76% of all Facebook ads are consumed with no sound.

So, motion graphics can be a way to cut through the noise in the head. Motion graphics on texts can be the perfect subtitle. Transitions on words that have an emphasis on the speaker’s context will make the video self-explanatory.

All that with no sound. Magical, isn’t it?

Motion graphics are more sharable

Motion graphics have a creative appeal to your video content. They make your videos more sharable across your social feeds.

Given that your ideas are creative and noteworthy, people will love your brand stories, and share them for inspiration. Plus, your prospects would join in the buzz sooner than you expect.

While you create motion graphics that add to the creative appeal of your videos, make sure to focus on producing bite-sized content. As, it’s in-demand and probably receives more engagement from the user.

Social posts that you see going viral are the best examples of motion graphics.

Motion graphics make you stand out

Last but not least, motion graphics make you stand out. Not every brand can use it to its advantage. Plus, if you to choose to hire a motion graphics agency, you’ll edge off your competitor in no time.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Motion graphics are gold for video creators.

We know that most of the videos or ads watched across socials are muted by the user. While this may sound scary to most marketers, it also opens the opportunity for creative heads to use motion graphics to catch attention.

Using motion graphics can help you to have that stop-scroll effect. Hold the attention of the viewer and trigger transitions as animations make motion graphics enjoyable.

Above, we shared how motion graphics can boost your social sharing and make you stand out from your rivals. You can use motion graphics to boost your business strategy for content creation.

That’s the beauty of motion graphics. If you don’t have the resources to support the production of motion graphics, it’s fine. You don’t have to stress about it, anyway. You can choose to hire a motion graphics agency.

You’ll save yourself the hurdle of exploring all the intricacies that the production behind motion graphics involves. Motion graphics combines technology that can be hard to afford for most small brands.

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