8 Benefits of Google AdWords to Grow Your Business Online


Google AdWords is a fantastic tactic to grow your business. It is an effective way to advertise on Google, push your business to the front and get some exposure if you have just started out. Google Ads can help boost your profile, and get you some quicker conversions than something like SEO. Your paid traffic helps get you more clicks and ultimately more business. There are a tonne of reasons to do Google AdWords, and here are 8 major benefits to making the leap and going to some paid ads.

1.The access to Google’s reach

If you were born before the year 2000, chances are you’re familiar with Ask Jeeves, AOL, or Yahoo answers. While these sites are still in existence a behemoth of a company has replaced them all. Google. Google has gotten to the point where it is now in the common language as a verb. If you want to know an answer, Google it. In 2019, Google was visited over 60 billion times, they dominate the market share with over 90% as of 2019. Per day, you’re looking at about 3.5 billion searches as of 2019, and surely since the pandemic began you can expect those numbers to have increased. The main takeaway here is Google gets a lot of attention and near everyone is on it. You should definitely be on Google, and get in front of the eyeballs of those looking to engage with your business.

2. Targeting like a pro

Google is in a great position to advertise pretty much any kind of business. It has a multitude of tools to help you along to advertise products or your service. Google Display, shopping and search ads are all available to you and will all work differently for different outcomes. Google’s suite of information is designed to help you not only create the ideal campaign, but to utilise that data that you gather to optimise time and again so that your ads get better and better month after month. These features that Google provides gives you strong and effective insights that can help your business grow online.

3. Spend what you wish

One of the best benefits of online digital marketing is definitely the cost effectiveness. You can easily set yourself a lower budget to get started when you may not have as much area in the budget. You can also take a different tactic and spend big to begin with and spend less as time moves on. Overall, whatever method you use, a benefit you will see pop up will be your cost per conversion will go down. These costs per conversions go down when further optimisations get made based on good traffic data informing those changes. It is important to either track along, or get a digital marketing agency to handle this. Either way, your business will see benefits roll in with a lower amount of cost, greater exposure, more conversions, and more business. If you choose the right marketing team, you may not even need to worry about the cost; you can in a sense, just set, and forget.

4. Understand the analytics

Now, a lot of companies and a lot of processes in analytics can seem quite daunting; graphs, charts, and large amount of numbers and tracking information to keep you occupied for days. However, one of the best things about Google analytics and Google ads Analytics is that it actually gives you a very clear outline. You don’t need to be kept guessing or feel confused by the numbers. You look at the overview and it shows you costs, conversions, clicks, which are all super easy to understand. You will be one quick YouTube tutorial away from figuring out the basics and having some simple insights that can have you optimising to come back better and stronger for the following month.

5. Get to the top faster

One of the great benefits surrounding Google ads is the fact that you don’t have to spend too much time trying to get your website to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). The process known as SEO is an insanely beneficial optimisation and marketing tactic that should definitely be implemented, however, it is a slow burn. It can take a while to see yourself in that top spot using sourly SEO. A huge benefit with Ads is that you leapfrog the queue and get yourself to the top of that SERP faster with paid ads. This will assist in getting you more brand awareness faster while you work on the SEO long game.

6. Different tools to increase your ROI quickly

When using Google Ads, you will definitely find a good return on investment, but obviously there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when using Google Ads. The benefit here is that there are a whole host of bidding strategies that you can test and implement to get you to get a better ROI and a lower cost per conversion. Some tools include CPC or cost-per-click, this drives website traffic. There is also CPA which is used to improve your conversions and promote sign ups.

7. Outrank your competitors

A sneaky way to get back at those sales competitor who you share your niche with is by trying target outrank bidding. Basically, this option of Google ads prioritises your ads over your competitors. This technique of outranking your competition is one of the most helpful tactics in your Google ads arsenal when in furious competition.

8. Test and test and win as you go

As mentioned you can optimise your campaign. This is done through something called split testing or AB testing. This is basically about pegging one ad against another. This ultimately means the best performing ads will always be the ones that will continue on and you can pause ineffective ads and learn from the whole experience.

Overall Google Ads is a no brainer for any business looking for an online boost, a bit more conversions, or some increased website traffic

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