What are the 7 types of digital marketing?


Over the past few years, digital marketing has become an integral part of modern business strategies. It has enabled organizations to reach a specific set of customers on a broader platform and convert potential customers into permanent ones. Digital marketing incorporates a broad spectrum of marketing technologies and tactics for reaching customers through online mode. It has revolutionized the marketing industry and has allowed industries to establish their brand value in a more influential way. With the growing demand for digital, it is definitely a wise choice to go for a PGP in digital marketing that will ot only equip you with detailed knowledge on various digital marketing strategies but will also validate your skills to be an efficient digital marketer.

7 Different Types of Digital Marketing

The top most popular forms of digital marketing are discussed below. So let’s have a close look at them to gain a better idea.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The primary aim of search engine optimization or SEO is to make the business rank higher in the Google search results consequently leading to increase in the traffic to the website of the business. To attain this, SEO marketers research various words and phrases that are used widely by customers in their search queries and then try incorporating them in their content to attract the potential customers.

2. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

It majorly refers to paid advertisements and promoted search results. As soon as the payment is stopped, people will stop seeing your advertisement or your website on SERPs. It’s another method that is used to increase the traffic to your website. It’s a bit different from PPC models like Google Adwords as here you only pay for the search results and not only when someone clicks on your advertisement. PPC management is one of the most common services offered by modern day digital marketing agencies.

3. Social Media Marketing

This involves each and everything a business does on the social media platform to promote itself. Although most of the people are familiar with social media, rules of social media marketing are different and need a defined approach to reach the target customers. Business and create and  release posts in a more controlled manner and keep on monitoring them from time to time. Through social media marketing, businesses create content and advertisements on social media and get a chance to interact more easily and closely with the target customers and see their response as soon as any new content is published.

4. Email Marketing

Businesses are using emails in a strategic way to have an impression on their target customers. Email marketing is one of the conventional yet effective ways of digital marketing. Businesses do this by updating their customers on the latest products and services and try communicating with them to know what they feel about the products.

5. Instant Message Marketing

With time, the use of instant message marketing has increased and has emerged as a powerful digital marketing strategy . Apart from Whatsapp, most of the social media platforms have their direct messages. Whenever your customers are in need of support, they can use these channels and get a quick response that will further help in strengthening relations of brands with their customers. Therefore, to be available to the customers all the time, businesses should implement instant message marketing strategy.

6. Video Marketing

According to one of the studies, nearly 2 billion people visit  YouTube on a monthly basis to look out for something. People watch videos with different intentions which can be for entertainment, knowledge or seeking genuine reviews on products. Therefore, business owners are resorting to video marketing strategies to have a strong impact on their customers and derive results similar to content and email marketing.

Mobile marketing

As mobile devices are now available to almost everyone, it has become highly imperative for businesses to adopt strategies that are built exclusively around mobile marketing. To make the maximum use of mobile marketing, businesses can develop their own apps for sending notifications to their customers, use instant messenger marketing, use SMS and create quality content that can make difference.

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