Top Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know About


The digital marketing field is changing rapidly, and as a digital marketer, you are always on the lookout for the latest trends and tools that not only will help you stand out but also help you finish tasks on time. Marketers require digital marketing tools to automate any kind of repetitive task, to preach and collaborate more efficiently. There are hundreds of tools out there, and to make things easier for you, here is our list of the top digital marketing tools that every marketer should be aware of. 


Canva is a tool that helps in creating design elements in a simplified manner. There are so many templates you can make use of, you can add and edit designs and create something that would stand out. Canva also comes with infographics, videos, and graphic animation. There is a free and paid plan you can take advantage of.


As a digital marketer, you are always looking for tools that come with powerful features, and HubSpot is one of them. Enjoy email tracking features, meeting scheduling as well as live chat options with HubSpot CRM. The best part? You can enjoy a free version of this. There is also a paid version available which allows unlimited users.


If you are looking for a tool that would easily help you convert XLSX to PDF, then PDFSimpli is the tool you must go for. You can even convert Excel to PDF and add your digital signature. You can retain table formatting, all your rows, and data while converting. It is safe and secure, offering you the benefit of converting anything anytime. 


Driving traffic to your website is a challenge that every digital marketer faces and for that, you require competitive intelligence. Semrush is one such tool that helps you stay one step ahead by offering SEO solutions. Enjoy social media analysis, PPC spying, and PR monitoring features. Semrush is your line of defense with several tools in hand to drive away your competitors and help you stand out.


If you are looking for a tool that would analyze your social media presence, identify the noteworthy influencers as well as help you view the trendiest and most shared content, then Buzzsumo is the tool you must go for. Since its inception by Henley Wing and James Blackwell, Buzzsumo offers you a real competitive advantage. 

Wrapping up, these are some of the top digital marketing tools that help in making your research process and your work a lot easier. 

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