Should you fire your SEO company?


SEO is a technical process that requires time to implement and show results. But that does not mean that the SEO company takes you for a ride and exploits you. We list down some of the situations and reasons that warrant that you fire your SEO company. So, let’s begin.

They quote a rock-bottom price:

Everyone loves a good bargain and is after the lowest price. But, if the price is unbelievably low, then you should pause and reflect. Why is the company offering such a low price? If the price is much lower than its competitors, it should be a cause of concern. It means the company is unaware of its true worth or will do much less than what you expect from it. Either way, it’s a red flag to stay away.

They don’t share your plan with you:

A good SEO company will share its strategy and how it intends to implement it with you. It will be apparent, precise, and rich in specifics. It won’t keep you in the dark about anything. On the other hand, if the SEO company is secretive about its doings and is not comfortable sharing its plans, you better stay away from it. A digital marketing agency Thailand like Ibex Media Group is one of those companies that will not hide anything from you.

Their website is not SEO-compliant:

Now, this is a classic case of not walking the talk. If the SEO company cannot implement its SEO strategies on its website, you should know it is no good. What good is all their knowledge if it is not visible on their website? Please do not fall for such flimsy explanations as we are too busy to work on our website. Just leave such SEO companies.

No increase in traffic even after a considerable time:

Yes, we agree SEO is a slow process and requires time to materialize. But even after the expiry of a substantial period of six months or more, your website is still not getting enough visitors, so you should consider changing your agency.

Not getting the traffic that you want:

If your website is receiving more traffic but still suffers from low sales and a low level of engagement, then you should consider hiring a new SEO company like Ibex Media Group. Your current company is maybe focusing on wrong keywords, bad strategy, or a combination of these or other reasons. Under such a scenario, you can opt for a new SEO company and end your contract with the new one.


That is all about different reasons you can consider firing your SEO company and hiring a new one. SEO is a long and time-consuming process. Above all, its results also take time to reveal. It would help if you also were realistic about the results; no SEO can guarantee the top spot forever. You should also stand up for yourself and refuse the company’s services if it is not delivering as it promised.

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