Best Online Image Converters


You occasionally run into an online application form that won’t accept your chosen picture format. Additionally, if you work as a professional artist and frequently deal with images, you understand how terrible it is to have such unsupported image formats.

However, you no longer need to worry since we have compiled a list of the top online image converters for 2022 that will allow you to swap photo formats. To avoid wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What is an image converter?

Image converters convert one image file format (such as BMP, JPG, or TIF) to another. If a graphic, photo, or other image file format stops you from utilizing the online tool as you’d want, it may still be useful.

Best Image Converters

Here we discuss four image converters.


ConvertFiles is another simple option that accepts a variety of input and output file formats. Start by searching for your file or entering its URL. Select the archive, document, presentation, drawing, ebook, image, video, or audio type that best meets your needs.

When you upload a file, if it can be quickly recognized, the input method might automatically convert it into the appropriate format. Then, you may choose to have a direct link emailed to you or click the Convert button to download your file immediately.

Movavi Video Converter

When you need to change the format of any of your media, including images, Movavi Video Converter is the ideal solution. This all-in-one image converter supports more than 180 different media formats. The software allows you to make minor edits to the image before conversion, such as rotating, cropping, and adding text or a watermark.

You may convert images, music, and video files using Movavi Video Converter. You can download the tool for Windows and Mac. Although the software has a paid version, you can download a free trial and decide whether you want to purchase the full version.

Online Convert Free

A free picture converter is available for individuals who need to swiftly and easily convert their files. Even if you have no prior expertise with file conversion, you can complete it without any problems because of its user-friendly interface. You drag and drop your file into, then select an appropriate format from the list of suggested formats. On the other hand, Online convert free offers good, advanced capabilities, including quality and resolution tweaks and modifications.

CoolUtils Online Image Converter

Another excellent free image converter is CoolUtilswhichconvert files online. For casual users who only occasionally need to convert photographs from different devices or once in a blue moon, the fact that it can be used online and you don’t have to download the software itself is a huge relief. You can access the website CoolUtils Online Image Converter from any device or browser at your convenience.

However, CoolUtils Image Converter lacks the sophistication of downloaded software. Additionally, only one image can be processed at once.

The Bottom Line

The ideal option is to have a single program to handle all of the different file conversion types—from the common to the uncommon. Choose the one that best suits your needs from among these free converting tools because each differs somewhat from the others.

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