Your Guide to Outsourcing SEO to a Third-party or an Agency


For anyone who has fiddled in the field of digital marketing, they would know and understand the importance of SEO. After all, it is with SEO strategies that one can land their website or blog a higher ranking in search engines.

However, the process itself is a complex and thorough process that requires a good amount of knowledge and experience. Not to mention, it can be a pretty expensive deal for companies that are just starting. Therefore, instead of hiring your very own SEO team, outsourcing SEO is a much better alternative.

In this article, we will discuss just that and go about the details of outsourcing SEO and various aspects of it. If you are new to SEO, this article will be very helpful for you to decide the best path for your SEO planning and strategies. Therefore, make sure you read it all and refresh your knowledge on SEO and outsourcing SEO services.

Outsourcing SEO and its types

In case you are confused between hiring your team of SEO and outsourcing SEO, we shall first understand the difference between them both. While we are at it, we will also take the initiative to understand what SEO is and the kind of services it provides.

To start, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the content on your website or blog so that when people search about related products or services, they will find your site. In other words, SEO helps search engines discover your website better. Therefore, the better your SEO game is, the more you will be able to reach out to people.

Usually, to handle SEO-related matters, you would need to hire a specialist who is an SEO expert. Now, if you hire people and make a team of your own, that is in-house SEO. However, there are various SEO outsourcing agencies out there that offer these special services without needing to put a team together. These services may be local or international, each having its advantages. has an amazing article where you can read more about local SEO services and their importance so that you understand which services will suit you the best.

However, for SEO services, there are various types that you may think of hiring, according to your needs:

●  On and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on improving your website content for better SERPs, while off-page SEO focuses more on researching competitors, email outreach, and such.

●  Youtube SEO

Perfect for optimizing your Youtube videos with the right keywords, tags, phrases, and so on.

●  App Store Optimization

As the name states, it helps optimize your app to meet the standards of app stores to be easily discovered.

●  Mobile SEO

This type of service will be perfect for optimizing your site for a mobile interface.

●  Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on improving your website ranking through website codes.

Why opt for outsourcing SEO?

Now that we understand what SEO is, the difference between in-house and outsourcing SEO, and the kind of SEO services that you can avail of, let us now understand why we are bringing up outsourcing SEO in the first place. The question here is, why outsourcing when you can create your team? Well, let us take a look at why.

Save on funds and time

When you outsource SEO services, you are saving on time and funds. You see, instead of investing resources in creating and maintaining your in-house SEO team, you can instead outsource the services when you need them. Also, you need not invest money to train your employees either.

Dedicate your time to more important tasks

Outsourcing SEO services will allow you to save on utilizing human resources and time. Instead, you can invest these elements in more important tasks like the development of the company and other progressive activities.

Consult with specialists

When you outsource SEO, you are asking industry experts to step in with years of experience and specialized knowledge. It is way better than hiring employees who are just starting or have an individual experience. Outsourcing will only give you the option of experts and individuals who specialize in that field.

Get another’s perspective

Lastly, outsourcing SEO services allow you the luxury of having an outsider take a look at your website and blogs. This will allow you to have a fresh pair of eyes taking a look at it, and see things that otherwise you would have missed. Not to forget, they can pitch in expert advice and suggestions.

So that is all there is to know about outsourcing SEO. As you can see, they offer some pretty advantageous stances that you otherwise would not have been able to enjoy with in-house SEO services. Therefore, service providers such as are at your disposal with their expert services.

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