Woodside Credit Provides Tips on Finding Exotic and Classic Vehicles


If a person wants an exotic vehicle, they have plenty of options. Shopping around and finding the perfect one takes time, but loans are available to make it work. Woodside Credit has had the best options for exotic car financing and classic car financing for two decades, evolving with the changes in the industry.

What are the best ways to find the perfect exotic or classic vehicle? A good starting point is any of the locations listed below.

Classic Car Dealerships

Many dealerships specialize in classic cars and may have various vehicles for sale. They are a great starting point for many people, especially those who have been in the classic car industry for a while. The familiarity of going to a dealership, which used to be one of the only ways to buy, is very relatable.

Inventory at classic car dealerships can fluctuate quite a bit, especially for people looking for something very particular. Even a large dealership can’t compete with an online inventory listing cars from all over the United States. While some tools might be more efficient for someone looking for one or two specific models, there’s nothing quite like seeing a vehicle in person to sway a decision.

Dealerships have closed the gap between themselves and online options out there. Ask the local classic car dealership to subscribe to email alerts for new inventory, sign up for texts, and do whatever else they offer to keep people informed. Letting them know desired models can also help them be on the lookout. Develop a good relationship with local dealers, and they’ll help if possible.


Auctions can be a great place to find rare and unique cars. One of the most well-known auction houses is Barrett-Jackson. Woodside Credit has been working directly with Barrett-Jackson for several years now, making appearances at all four major annual auctions throughout the United States.

The sign of a great auction is that it’s more than just a place to buy. Indeed, many top auction houses make it a full event for the week. Car enthusiasts can take their families and enjoy what’s offered while shopping around. With financing options like Woodside Credit available at Barrett-Jackson, it’s easy to get approved and ready to go.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like duPont Registry focus on selling classic and exotic cars from private sellers and dealers. duPont Registry has taken off in popularity in the last few years.

The most reputable marketplaces have safeguards to protect people who don’t want to get ripped off. If a seller is falsely advertising, they will face major penalties. The buyer also gets their money back. 

This makes it more comfortable for people as compared to classified ads. The downside is that, in most cases, people won’t get to see what they are purchasing until after the transaction. Online marketplaces sometimes sell vehicles halfway across the country.

Classified Ads

Local classified ads, such as those in newspapers or online classified websites like Facebook Marketplace, can be a good source for finding older cars for sale. There’s been a significant shift in classified ads from newspapers to online, but they work the same way.

A big advantage of buying through a classified ad is that some pretty good deals are usually available. Since no one else is getting part of the sales cut, they can list at a lower price.

People who have never purchased from a classified ad might be skeptical about going this route. There’s always a need to do some due diligence before handing over money. Many people are trying to scam people out of their money and advertise something they don’t actually have. It helps to bring another person or two to check out the vehicle and see if anything doesn’t look right.

What to Check When Buying a Classic or Exotic Car?

Before purchasing a classic or exotic car, they should always be examined to ensure there are no problems with the car.

People might know where to look, but it’s important to know what to check before purchasing. Since this is such a major purchase, the last thing a person should do is get in a situation where they didn’t examine the vehicle.

The most obvious place to start is to examine the condition thoroughly. Inspect the car as much as possible. Seeing it in person is the best option, but some are limited in what they do. Anything that glaringly stands out could be a red flag.

Maintenance history is always important with any vehicle, as it determines how well it operates. Some classic cars have been through a lot to remain in working order. Sellers might not always be 100% transparent on what’s been done, so getting maintenance history, if available, helps out a lot.

Checking the authenticity of a classic car should always be done before buying the vehicle. This already happens with any purchase through Barrett-Jackson, but not necessarily from one through a local seller. There’s a lot to be modified on a vehicle, which can sometimes depreciate its value. That being said there are some cases where mods increase the value of a car.

Finally, ownership history is a pretty big thing to look out for before making a big purchase. This says if the vehicle has been in a big accident, stolen in the past, or has any other major red flag. Again, while many of these issues don’t happen with reputable auctions, local sellers can better hide ownership history.

How Opening Up Cash Flow Through Woodside Credit is Possible

People who come to Woodside Credit do it to take advantage of the lowest monthly payments in the industry. Paying less monthly on a classic car means more cash flow for other purchases. Whether it be for another car or another high-ticket item, the low amount helps.

Woodside Credit prides itself on working with each buyer to get payments very low. People don’t have to worry about paying a ton of money each month, and loans go up as high as one million dollars.

Buyers still need to stay within their means, but lending options like these help people significantly. It’s a reason why Woodside Credit has had so much success with Barrett-Jackson and individual clients buying locally.

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