The Top Electronic Components for High-Performance Automobiles


Technology is a great invention which will make our lives easier. The new generation cars are getting smarter day by day, as the technology is evolving. So, the electronic components are also developed in a way that they will be compatible with the latest cars. High-performance automobiles require the highest quality electronic components to work efficiently. Finding the right distributor for these components can be a challenge. But there are several companies that offer excellent options. Let’s take a look at some of the top electronic components from the best  electronic component distributor for high-performance automobiles.

Most Important Electronic Components For High-Performance Cars

IC Chips

These miniaturised computer processors are essential for many modern cars. They are used for various tasks including engine control, ignition timing, fuel injection, and more. IC Chip must be reliable, efficient and resilient to handle extreme temperatures and pressures in automobiles. Popular IC chip manufacturers include Intel, NXP Semiconductors, Renesas Electronics, and Texas Instruments. 

Ignition Coils

These coils create an electric current in order to ignite fuel mixtures quickly and effectively. A high-quality model will provide power without needing frequent replacements. Bad ones are not reliable due to overheating or burning out too quickly. Well known brands include Bosch and Denso Corporation. 


Automotive relays are responsible for controlling electrical circuits by operating an electromagnetically operated switch. They often decide when other circuits should turn on or off. They depend on inputs from sensors or switches elsewhere in the vehicle’s electrical system. Top brands include Omron Automation Americas Inc., Panasonic Corporation of North America, and TE Connectivity Ltd., among others. 


An array of automotive sensors is necessary for modern cars. They are used for many purposes. They are needed to correctly read data about their environment. They are very useful for improved performance and efficiency. 

For example, Hall Sensors are another key electronic device required for many car models. Their main job is get output reading from magnetic fields based on Hall Effect phenomena. It provides information about physical or atmospheric conditions inside or outside a vehicle.

You can know information about emissions monitoring systems or brake pressure sensors . These diodes are also used for positioning applications like winder motor position detection. So accuracy is paramount when selecting them for your project or design application.

Common types of sensors used include – 

  • Pressure sensors, 
  • Temperature sensors, 
  • Accelerometers, 
  • Magnetometers (used in navigation), 
  • Proximity sensors (used in radar detectors), 
  • Inertial Measurement Units (or IMUs) used in self driving cars , 
  • Oxygen sensors used in emissions systems ,and 
  • Hall effect sensors used in speed measurement.

Major suppliers include Continental AG​ , First Sensor AG​ , TE Connectivity Ltd., General Electric Company​ , Delphi Technologies Plc​ , AVL List GmbH​ , Kongsberg GruppenASA​ , Omron Automation Americas Inc., Robert Bosch GmbH ​and Qualcomm Technologies Inc.. You can also get them at any big supplier such as Bitfoic Electronics.


There is a huge demand for batteries for electric cars. The main reason is that the electric cars need high-capacity batteries to provide the power.

Power management system

Power management system is a device which will keep the electrical energy and provide power to the different parts of the car. It is a smart device which will help in controlling the charging and discharging of the battery.

Automotive power segments have also started increasingly adopt DC-DC converters. They have fantastic ranges of features such as –  

  • Low cost structure , 
  • Compact designs , 
  • Higher efficiency rates.

Compared other alternatives they are very affordable. Along with superior stability to wider ranges even in lower voltage environments is the main attraction. Those are way better then conventional buck converters since it uses synchronous rectification methodologies. So no heat recycling loss occurs during transactions.

Anti-Theft System

Anti-theft system is one of the best electronic system for your car. When it comes to the anti-theft system, there are three types of them, the alarm, the immobilizer and the remote keyless entry. You can choose the best one according to your need and budget.


Finding the best distributor for any of these crucial parts is very important. They do not save you only from a cost perspective but also from a reputation point of view. Car engineers look favourably upon brands with good selling points such as competitive pricing models. Long term loyalty discounts or added services such as warranty options helps too. Technical assistance during product selection processes is the crucial one among others . Research into different distributors’ offerings reviews. That will help you to make an informed decision when selecting Doithuong components that will dictate a car’s performance on roads across the world.

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