Will Spray Mineral Sunscreen Cause Me to Break Out?


Look on the many forums about skincare – with a particular focus on acne, and you’ll see lots and lots of threads about sunscreen. One of the topics up for hot discussion on these forums is the wisdom of using spray mineral sunscreen when you go out in the sun. 

“Sunscreen over acne!?!” we hear you shout! Surely not. Surely, sunscreen applied over acne is a recipe for breakouts in 1-2 days’ time, right? Actually, not necessarily, as mineral sunscreen is nothing at all like the chemical brands that are known to cause this issue. 

New Spray Mineral Sunscreen Brands Are Non-Comedogenic

Back in the 70s and 80s, most people used chemical sunscreen lotions, and knowledge about sun safety was still in its infancy.  And yes, these products would, if you had acne, cause you to break out not long after their use. That’s because old chemical brands were gloopy and less effective than today.

However, spray mineral sunscreen in the modern day is what’s known as non-comedogenic. Comedones are a fancy way of saying small acne spots, meaning that products with this label signify products that are designed not to block your pores. That means you can get the sun protection you need – and that everybody needs – without fear of clogging your hair follicles.

Mineral Sunscreen Isn’t Absorbed Either

What you have to remember is that chemical sunscreen works by being absorbed into the skin, which then allows it to convert UV rays into heat and protect your skin. The problem is that because it needs to be absorbed, it has to pass through your pores to offer UV protection. 

That’s the rub. Mineral sunscreen is totally different, as it’s created using naturally occurring ingredients like zinc oxide. Instead of being absorbed, mineral sunscreen lies on top of the skin, with 0% of it being absorbed. Acting as a barrier, it bounces away UV rays before they’ve even been able to reach your skin.

The added benefit of zinc-oxide-based sunscreen is that it’s so gentle that it’s suitable for even the most sensitive types of skin. Throw in the fact that they’re also comedogenic, and you quickly see that it’s by far the best option for anyone with ongoing acne.

Spray Mineral Sunscreen Is Unlikely to Break You Out!

It’s great to be able to tell you that mineral sunscreen in all its forms is the acne sufferer’s friend. It’s perfectly designed to meet the needs of those with sensitive skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Every chemical brand you’ll see is packed with potentially irritating ingredients that have to be drawn under the skin’s surface before they do their work.

Mineral sunscreen, on the other hand, is uber gentle, doesn’t need to be absorbed and works from the second it’s applied. It’s a little like putting on a sun suit as you’re protected from as much as 99% of all UV rays (depending on the SPF rating).

So, if you’ve got any of the skin issues we’ve touched up on here today, be sure to aim for the mineral sunscreen aisle, as that’s where you’ll find your perfect sun safety option. 

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