Why do we typically choose to re-watch movies we know?


Rose Smith is a therapist, as well as a teacher of psychology. She says viewing movies can give a getaway from real life, which is comforting for some individuals. Especially, if you are into a flick, you can get fully immersed in that globe. When you have troubles in life or fears that are bothering you, acquainted, and a comforting movie can assist to tune those out.

There’s additionally something calming about viewing a movie you understand won’t disappoint. Specifically, if you battle with anxiousness or have a problem relaxing, you might end up being stressed out or on edge when seeing something suspenseful. Already knowing what the result is going to allow you to be prepared. Not everybody likes a surprise or a story spin. Occasionally, it behaves to understand that the charming kiss in the rain is coming up, or the bad guy will get his comeuppance.

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Researchers have called the feeling of again watching movies, ‘experiential control,’ which gives emotional guidelines. To place it simply, this indicates, since you know the ending already, you likewise understand how it’s going to make you feel. Re-watching something is a means of controlling your emotions, as well as helping you really feel secure, something that can be helpful if you’re having a demanding time.

Also, it isn’t simply grownups who experience delight, as well as comfort if watching their much-loved films. In 2017, Netflix said that one mysterious client had seen The Film an astonishing 357 times over the year.

What do comfort movies do to our brains?

One reason why you may appreciate watching the same thing over and over again and pricing quote every line is because rep types love. Known as the ‘mere direct exposure effect’ by scientists, this clarifies that acquainted things are less complicated to refine and we tend to develop preferences for things if we’ve been subjected to them. This is additionally called the experience principle. When you enjoy films, as well as become involved in the film, you start decreasing what’s called the crucial faculty, or important element, in the brain.

This permits ideas right into the subconscious mind, as well as develops a perception that the things you are viewing hold true. You then immerse on your own into them. This is why, when you are not into something you are watching, you will question if it’s also possible for it to take place, as well as the crucial variable will reject it or throw it out.

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