Why Are Casual Gamers Increasingly Turning to Mobile Gaming?


Gaming is a hobby, a recreational activity aimed at relieving stress. Different games help you achieve different ends, and many people take their games very seriously. Pro gamers spend hundreds of dollars on gaming hardware every year to stay competitive, which regular people see no value in.

In Canada, there are a lot of casinos that offer you a thrilling gaming experience. Online casino licenses are given out to trusted providers of games. In the absence of physical casinos, online casinos have become very popular. More people than ever are playing casino games on their phones, though this is not the only sector where online games have taken hold. 

There has been a definite shift among so-called ‘casual gamers’ towards playing their games on phones and eschewing gaming systems like consoles and PCs entirely in recent years. Daniel Bennet seeks to tell you why that is in this article. You can find more related gaming news and updates from Bennet if you follow him here!


You can carry a phone anywhere. Usually, to play console or computer games, you have to be on one of these systems. Sure, you can carry around a laptop or a PSP, but try playing a game on any of those while on a crowded bus or train on your way to work. Phones are a necessity for all the other purposes they serve in our lives, so we always have them on us. Playing games on our phones truly makes gaming feel very easy and accessible.

Higher Value of Return

You can play a variety of browser-based games on smartphones. Many of the casinos on https://casinocanada.com/ can be accessed this way. One of the most popular games you can play this way is slots. If you do, you will find many games provide a bonus without deposit, allowing you to play a bit for free. Besides, playing online will also give you higher payout ratios. Getting a casino bonus, no deposit required, is always a steal. That alone makes this an option worth checking out.


Smartphones are a necessity. All you need is a stable internet connection, a working phone, and a charger in case your phone is about to die, and… that’s about it. Compared to the hundreds upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment pro gamers need – graphics cards, CPU coolants, performance mice, recording equipment, the list goes on and on. But with just your smartphone and maybe a few friends, you will end up having just as much fun.

No Lack of Mobile Games

Mobile games have come a long way since the days of Snake and Bounce. Popular titles like PUBG and Call of Duty are now available to play on mobile platforms. New and iconic titles are being added every day to the game store of whatever OS your phone employs. No matter what genre of game you like and are interested in playing – fort building, puzzle-solving, racing, role-playing games, strategy games, shooters, gacha – the list is endless.

Ease of Installation

Unlike PC and console games, mobile games don’t need huge hardware to support the software. All you need is enough space to download the apps, and you’re good to go. The phone and the software will do the rest. It is also just as easy to delete games. This saves you a lot of hassle when picking games, giving them a shot and then uninstalling them if they do not suit your tastes. Most games are free, too, so this process of experimentation does not cost you anything.

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There are many hoops to jump through for anyone to get an online casino license in Canada, thanks to the requirements put in place by the DGA. However, there are many private providers out there with a license who are perfectly willing to provide you with all the entertainment you need. As long as you have a smartphone, you are poised to enjoy the best gaming experience out there right now.

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