What is the business plan, and what is it for? Here is the easy guide


A business plan is an articulated document divided into sections that aim to describe a business project and to explain how a business idea can be transformed – within a certain period and following specific methods – into a business project. Real.

The four fundamental functions of a business plan are as follows:

  • It serves to describe the business idea and its feasibility
  • It serves to set the strategy to be followed for the success of the company
  • It is used to evaluate the performance and progress of the project in progress
  • It serves to present the business idea to potential investors.

A business plan is useful not only in the launch of a start-up but also for companies that have already started to tackle development projects. For example, to identify the advantages that you can obtain by carrying out a specific project) or in the case of special operations such as acquisitions and mergers.

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How to Make a Business Plan


Each business plan opens with an index that lists the various sections in the document and the related pages to find them. It serves to make the consultation easier.

Company description

This section will describe the company giving information on its type, its history, its structure, in what sector it operates, what it offers, which offices it has, and what are its strengths compared to the competition.

  • The management curriculum vitae
  • Product data sheets
  • Market survey data
  • Any quotes from suppliers

Now that we have explained how to make a business plan, you can get to work. Remember that you must not leave it in oblivion once you have drawn up your business plan; on the contrary, you must continuously update this document based on changes within the company or external conditions.

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