What Are The Vital Procedure’s To Choose The Best Smart Glasses?


Smart glasses are wearable devices that have various functions in a glasses-shaped body. It does not have a function to correct eyesight like general glasses, but you can use functions such as information display, shooting, and music playback hands-free while moving or working.

Many products cannot recognize pillars and walls and place virtual objects, but you can see information such as the application screen through smart glasses. This time we will explain the selection points from the proposed model of smart watches.

Check the display

If you are particular about image quality, we recommend a model that uses organic EL for the display. Because it is bright and has high contrast, you can enjoy watching movies with clear images. Most smart glasses are equipped with a display.

The monocular type’s advantage is that it is light, but if you value a more natural look or want to see 3D images, choose the binocular type.

Check the microphone function.

Models with a built-in microphone can make hands-free calls in cooperation with a smartphone. If you have a smart glass equipped with a voice recognition function and compatible with AI Assistant, you can perform various operations just by calling out.

For example, it is useful in scenes where you want to check information without taking your hands off, such as switching the display mode while rowing a motorcycle at a fitness gym.

Check Wi-Fi

If the model is equipped with a Wi-Fi function, you can connect to the Internet without going through a smartphone. It is convenient because you can watch video sites such as websites and YouTube hands-free.

Also, it may be compatible with the mirroring function of the smartphone screen. This is a recommended function that allows you to enjoy various smartphones and tablet devices with smart glasses. News of kannada

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