Web Forms to Interact with the Company


One of the trends in recent years regarding web design is the use of forms to interact in a very simple and direct way with our clients.

Contact Form Functions

Beyond the contact form, which allows the visitor to leave us a message on the web, with the convenience for us of receiving it as an email automatically, there are other types of use that can be of great help to streamline communication between your audience and the company. .

Some examples of useful web forms are:

  • Commercial assistance
  • Work with us
  • Technical assistance
  • Register as a supplier
  • Register as a distributor

These forms can ask the user to send supporting documentation (distributor registration) or any necessary documentation, as well as indicate any other type of information as required.

The Order Form

Another type of use, when we do not have an online store, is the order form, in which the user can indicate the type of product in which he is interested and give his data so that the company can answer him or send him the order directly.

www.mightyforms.com is a good example of a simple order form, which can be a first step in your e-commerce strategy.

A Business Tool

In companies that use complex forms for data collection in the analysis phase, such as Agrochemical companies, Business Consulting, Quality Management can be very useful to integrate the management tool that they currently use to do their daily work with a web form.

In this way, they could fill out the form from a tablet or mobile device and have that information in their office at the time of preparing their reports.

Tools and Resources for Contact Forms


Typeform is a complete solution for all types of contact that we want to establish with our clients. Its design invites a gamified experience, which can greatly improve the customer’s perception of quality.


At SurveyMonkey they offer free and professional subscriptions. It is a leading survey platform, which stands out for its ease of use.

Google Forms

Google Forms is another good choice for creating forms, questionnaires, and surveys and collecting and organizing information. It’s free and integrates with the Google suite of products.


The well-known marketing platform also has contact forms. HubSpot integrates with the most common tools, thus facilitating their use. It is used primarily for lead generation, offering downloadable ebooks and templates in exchange for contact details.

Contact Form 7

It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, and it allows you to easily and quickly design contact forms to integrate into your website. Contact Form 7 is a free plugin that receives updates very frequently, so it is already integrated into many of the templates developed for WordPress. It is fully customizable and easily integrates with the style of your website. There are many add-ons to add functionalities to the plugin and integrate it with various platforms such as Mailchimp, Mailpoet or Zoho among others.

One important aspect of Contact Form 7 is security. In its latest versions, it natively allows integration with Google’s reCAPTCHA services, a solution that keeps bots at bay.

With the new version 3 of Google’s reCAPTCHA, your users will no longer have to check the “I’m not a robot” box. Do not even select those images in which a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights appears. The question of whether that image, in which a corner of the car barely appears, is over, you should mark it or not, and search again among another series of images. Google has improved this “anti-bots” utility so that, by installing cookies, your forms are protected without the need for any user interaction.


Gleam has specialized resources to offer giveaways and other gamified interactions with your customers.


Rafflecopter is another digital platform for organizing giveaways and competitions.

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