Truths and Myths of Marketing Automation


Are you hesitant about marketing automation? If you have doubts regarding marketing automation, do engage in proper research. Remember that you might hear something good or bad regarding marketing automation, but you need to filter out the information. Before you delve deep into marketing automation, it’s vital to clear out these doubts. It will help you accept the automation processes with ease.

How can marketing automation help?

Marketing automation is an umbrella term that includes landing pages, email marketing, bulk SMS sending, mail marketing, etc. Along with this social media post, tracking and analytics, and integration capability also come within this arena. When you use any of these strategies, you can reach a vast audience base. It is an excellent investment that entrepreneurs can make in the long run.

It Is more than robotics

One myth related to marketing automation is that it is impersonal and technically sound. However, there is more to the story. Computers and technology are perceived as something that does not have emotions. The software here helps you understand your audience, get everything in one place and distribute content where required. However, it is the team of individuals you have in your office that will add a human touch to the overall process. Remember that coming up with valuable, relevant, and unique content is the main aim of marketing automation.

It was not expensive

The fact that various marketing automation software is available in the market is why people feel it is expensive. However, the truth is far from this. There might be a few costly options, but most are affordable. You can use these for your different marketing operations. You may also go for free trials before you settle for one option. Visit for the best marketing solutions under the AI banner.

It Is for every enterprise

People believe that marketing automation software is only for huge enterprises. Only specialists can use these. However, it is not correct. These tools can be used by small businesses as well. Even with a medium-scale business, you can move forward with automation software. All you need to do is research the software and understand what you can do with it. For freelancers, small businesses, and stakeholders, automation software is a good advantage.

Quite similar to email marketing

A few automation software specializes in email marketing. However, you also have other options providing various other processes. These include mail marketing, page builders, pop-ups, integration, client journey builders, etc. Hence, now you know that there are multiple options available in the market. If your enterprise requires only email marketing, you can use that specific software. However, it’s always better to go for distinct software categories because they will help you with better features.

Automation technology is here to stay and it will change the marketing arena further. From sending messages to emails to automatically going about the typical process, automation technology can provide you with multiple benefits. It is not too complicated to use and comes as a solution to many of your problems says Chiang Rai Times.

Automation is not a passing fad!

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