Traditional Roulette Vs. Online Variations: Best One for Beginners 


Roulette is easy to play with its oversized wheel and spinning ball. With numbers in small pockets, the goal is to guess where the ball will land when it stops spinning. 

While roulette is enticing when you play at a physical casino, if you are up-to-date on the latest tech news, there are even more fun and exciting versions of roulette online, which we will 


Let us look at roulette for beginners and fun ways to play!

Traditional Roulette Versus Online Roulette

New players might enjoy the excitement of roulette at a live casino or learn by studying the rules as they play online. They will also find 3-minute roulette videos that offer tons of tips!

Traditional Roulette

When you play roulette at a casino, it has an area for table games. You might see people around the roulette table who are betting on the game, and the dealer is there to accept your bets and make payouts if you land on the correct number. 

Roulette in casinos dates back to the 19th Century, and the rules are simple for beginners. 

In traditional roulette, a large wheel includes 37 pockets with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 in red and black, while the base number is zero. The American version has double zeros. The numbers do not maintain a sequence as they alternate from one pocket to the next, except for the zero and double zero.

Online Roulette

Playing roulette online became more popular in the 21st Century as more online casinos offered table games with better graphics. 

The gambling operators introduced American roulette and then added French and British versions to give players a wider variety of games. They also wanted to keep up with overseas casinos that offered multiple versions. 

Antiquated versions only included a computer-generated wheel that worked with a Random Number Generator (RNG). Now, players can bet with a live dealer!

Roulette Variations, Odds, and Betting Rules

Inside and Outside Bets

The layout online is similar to a physical version of the game. However, players will place their bets and press the spin button (mouse) to start the wheel. These versions include inside and outside bets, whereas outside bets have larger groups of numbers. 

As you wager on the playing grid, the odds are lower with these but bigger with inside betting. Here, you will bet on a single number or a small group of numbers up to six. 

Other ways to place wagers on roulette include split bets, line bets, call bets, neighbor bets, and street bets. 

Demo, Live Dealer, and 3D Versions

New players might feel intimidated playing for the first time, but you will find demo/free play versions to practice with. That lets you build your confidence in roulette, and you can try other versions to gain familiarity before playing real money games. 

The latest roulette versions include better graphics and more technology features for 3D action on your phone, tablet, or other device. Hence, players can see the ball up close and watch as it spins before landing in a pocket. 

Other graphics include wagering assistance and social media integrations so you can play with gamblers globally.  

When exploring roulette online casinos and live dealer roulette games, players can sit at a table and talk to the dealer and other players. 

Online games include different variants depending on the software designer. Look for ultra-realistic action with immersive versions. They might also include different betting limits and table layouts. 

Multi-Wheel, Jackpot Roulette, and Other Versions

When exploring other versions of roulette, check out multi-wheel versions that allow up to eight wheels to spin at once. This fun version follows the European variant, and you can place more bets based on the number of wheels you are playing. 

Jackpot Roulette is another popular version that includes instant wins. To try this game out, look for Playtech’s Age of the Gods roulette version, which includes a bonus feature with mega wins. 

Live Roulette

Other versions to explore include Mini-Wheel Roulette, which has 12 numbers and a zero. No-Zero Roulette is popular as it removes the zero and reduces the house edge. 

Multi-Ball Roulette can include three wheels, while Spingo combines numbered lotto balls in a fun bingo-style game! 

Roulette Benefits, Odds, and Future

The advantages of playing roulette online for beginners are that they can play from home. They do not have to worry about placing small wagers when they start either. Some casinos offer cash match offers that will double your deposit, so players have more money to bet with. 

Because players can choose a computerized version of roulette or a live dealer version, it can increase their confidence online. 

Roulette Odds

As a new player, focus on the odds when you start to play to increase the likelihood of winning. The odds can vary based on the bet, so look for even money bets for better odds when you play:

  • When playing American Roulette, for example, it has odds of 46.37%. 
  • The European roulette version has 48.6% odds. 
  • When placing corner bets, the American version has 10.53% odds, while the European version has 10.81%.
  • European Roulette has numbers ranging from 0-36, like French roulette. Hence you have a 1 in 37 chance at winning, while the house edge is 2.7%.
  • In American Roulette, recall that it includes a 0 and 00. Because of the extra slot, the chances of winning are 1 in 38 with a 5.26% house edge.

Roulette Changes in the Future

Advances that we will see in the future include virtual casinos where players can enjoy Virtual Reality (VR) gaming and feel like they are in a brick-and-mortar casino. VR roulette started its trials in 2016 by Microgaming, but it is taking time for the headsets and hardware to become more affordable. 


Can I play roulette for virtual money?

Yes, some games offer virtual/demo mode and real money games.

Is there a winning roulette strategy?

Some players use an odd/even or red/black strategy to increase their odds, or they will place side bets.

Enjoy Roulette and Its Multiple Versions!

With so many versions of roulette, get ready for hours of exciting action online. Start by playing at a reputable casino online and use a signup offer for bonus cash to gamble with. Select the table game option and click on roulette. Leading platforms might have versions from the US, Europe, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and others versions. 

Beginners will also find automated versions of roulette where you can set the spin feature to automatic or speed up the spinning wheel. With 3D versions, these are more immersive ways to enjoy roulette as you connect with other players and try out different versions! 

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