Top 5 multi-currency Coin or crypto wallets, 2022


Crypto trading platforms have started to become an essential commodity as people are starting to get into the world of Bitcoin and other such exchanges. The traders have found that the crypto wallets are the right place to keep their tokens safe and this can help to validate transactions that require more than one exchange platform. There are hot and cold wallets that have different purposes, at the same time, there are wallets that can store more than one kind of crypto and ensure that the exchanges are functioning well.

We have made sure that there are at least five wallets for you that can help to hold more than one kind of crypto. Let us check out these names here.


  • CoinBase is considered to be great for beginners who are entering the market.
  • CoinBase wallet is often preferred by beginners because it has great intuition and can help to protect your coins against any kind of fraud.
  • The app can be linked to major bank accounts and has interfaces that can be handled quite easily even by the most novice ones among the users.
  • There are more than 500 crypto assets that can be stored in CoinBase and the algorithm for each can be defined quite clearly.
  • The exchange and wallet are different from each other and the custodial functions can be moderated quite easily.
  • At the same time, you do not have to hold the headache of having your currencies locked for a long time.
  • Cyberattacks are quite rare on this platform.


  • Another name that is included in the names of crypto wallets is Electrum.
  • It is considered to be a great platform for Bitcoin and it has a greater security function in comparison to the other wallets.
  • The wallet is very easy to set up and it can be used quite easily as well.
  • The transaction fees are customized in nature.
  • There are no kinds of errors of connection in the wallets of this kind because the server configurations are quite apt and improved in this sector.
  • Customer support is, however, not quite advanced in the case of Electrum.
  • The interface is quite advanced and it is mostly used by traders who have been in the market for a long time.


  • You might get the idea of mycelium from fungi and we can assure you that it is none of the kind.
  • Mycelium belongs to the category of the famous cold storages and these are quite well known all over the world.
  • The single address saving accounts can be used up quite easily with the help of Mycelium.
  • The offline transactions which are mediated by the system of Mycelium are almost absent in any other kind of system.
  • However, if the beginners try to use it, they might be quite confused at first.
  • Hardware wallets that belong to the other category seem to do a better job most of the time.

Ledger Nano X

  • Ledger Nano X is one of the more famous names on the list because it can support a huge number of digital assets without any problem.
  • The wallets under this name are built with some special form of hardware that can help to store the private keys quite safely in the right spaces.
  • This is very mobile-friendly and can be used by anyone who is entering the market for the very first time.
  • About 8 hours of battery life can be found on this wallet and it can be used quite often.
  • It is however a bit more expensive than the regular ones.
  • The privacy concern might be a bit higher and the touchscreen facilities are nearly absent.


  • When you are looking for a wallet that you can use on your PC, Exodus will be the right choice.
  • It is the best option that you can gain when you are operating through a desktop and it has about 145 crypto tokens.
  • The site is very compatible with Trezor One and can allow users to get their tokens with Apple Pay.
  • 24/7 customer support is also quite easily available on this platform.
  • The only negative side is that multi-signature support is absent.


Large number of crypto transactions can be verified after you get the right assets in the market. However, the thought is not only about getting the assets but also about storing them safely. The recent price dips have scared many of the investors. When you have a diversified portfolio, your fears will reduce to a certain extent quite easily.

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