Top-5 Comfortable Bikini & One-Piece Type That You Want To Wear At Resorts & The Sea


Swimming in resorts and beach alleys is something you want to stick to fashionable and intelligent design. You are featuring women’s swimsuit shots released by the famous brand of 2021. There are different types of women’s swimwear on the market today, such as the classic individual bikini; Bikinis give you a system cover and all-in-one type. Find your favorite swimwear from popular brand swimwear.

1. NagonStance-Top & Short

The Nagonstance are trendy bra-like garment as plaid swimwear. The Nagonstance dress will bring you a novelty. Moreover, you can choose your desired design from high waist type and standard type for Nagonstance.

2. Yummy Mart

YM Shoulder Frilled Bikini” is now available from Peach John’s younger sister brand, YUMMY MART. It features polka dot shoulder frills on the shoulder straps. The V-shaped cutting adds a sexy charm; The bottoms are high waist type. It’s a monotone color, and I’m happy that it doesn’t look too childish.

3. Seafolly

Australia’s most popular swimwear brand, “SEA FOLLY”, visually uses famous models such as Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid. A bralet type bikini with a sensual design will appear at the limited-time shop held in Laforet Harajuku. Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to fit your size.

4. Zara Home

At Zara home, we offer vivid multi-colored paisley swimwear. Since the bikini will be sold separately from this season, it is also nice to combine it with other patterns and your swimwear to enjoy your favorite coordination.

5. H & M

H & M has an extensive lineup of 50’s style one-piece swimwear. The paisley type swimsuit that is likely to attract attention on the beach is a one-shoulder type that makes the body line look beautiful and gives you a style.

The fashionable design you can wear as a swimsuit and as an inner for dresses and tops is attractive.

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