Top 4 most expensive shoes of all time


Fashion-conscious people have shown a little more awareness about shoe selection. There are various types and models of stylish and attractive shoes available today, which are usually worn by big celebrities or business people of the world. Today’s article is arranged with some of the most expensive shoes in the world. You will be amazed to hear that the price of shoes for boys and girls is skyrocketing.

  1. Jada Dubai and passion diamond shoes:

Jada Dubai and passion diamond shoes It took experts nine months to create a pair of footwear, and it is preserved in a museum in Arabia. It is the most expensive shoe available in the world market. The shoe uses 15-carat diamonds, and another 238 diamonds have been used at different times to decorate. It has a market value of 17 million.


DEBBIE WINGHAM A pair of shoes used to make blue and red diamonds. Also used in shoemaking designs are 24 carats and 18-carat gold. The shoe has a current market value of 15.3 million, which is the second-highest priced shoe in the world. The shoe is very attractive to look at, and it is a high heel national shoe that can be used as footwear for girls.

  1. HARRY WINSTON Slippers:

HARRY WINSTON Slippers is a gorgeous red-coloured shoe used to make 50-carat diamonds and 1350 carat rubies. Harry Winston’s son originally modelled the shoes on the fiftieth anniversary of a Hollywood movie and celebrated the feast. The world’s third most expensive shoe is valued at three million dollars.

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STUART WEITZMAN CINDERELLA The world’s fourth most expensive shoe used to make a five-carat diamond with a market value of over 1 1 million, where the market value of this shoe is 2 million. Alison Krauss wore the shoe to the 2004 Oscars..

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