The Epic EP by David Phan


An EP is one of artists’ most pride and status of hard work. They are fruits of their labor that contain some of their best tracks. David Phan has recently released his first EP with incredible tracks. The EP is called “Speak of the Demon,” with six songs.

The EP

The Ep has come out well-curated with six outstanding tracks, named, “Curves Game on, Hit the Road, Circle of Death, So far So great, and Around the Bush. The first song, Curves, features guitars, drums, and overall music that would make you shake your head. Beats start fast and deliberately ebbs into Rallentando.

All his songs have a beat: a tempo and a rhythm, and lyrics that resonate with the fans. David Phan’s music always has a sound and rhythm that makes it unique and on repeat. His creative songs are slowly disrupting the music industry. He has grown so much in the industry in such a short while.

Why David Phan’s Music is Epic

David’s songs certainly hit differently in every listener. He is very talented, passionate, relatable, hardworking, and determined to be his best version. He profoundly understands music:

He understands the importance of music and how it can connect people in the world. An excellent song in Spanish would still be catchy to someone who doesn’t understand Spanish. This universality is why David Phan loves music and why he makes music.

David Phan understands that listening to music that conforms to your mood can help ease emotional anxiety. He believes that listening to sad songs when you feel low can make you feel better and intensify the feeling of being understood. He discerns the importance of music and how it makes listeners feel attached to other humans on a profound level.

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A Past that Shaped David Phan

David Phan was born in Toronto, Canada, and was raised by an immigrant single mother from Vietnam. His mother would tell him how she would push him around in a used stroller with a missing wheel because she couldn’t afford a new one. At a very young age, David faced financial challenges and quickly understood the value of hard work. He grew up to become very skillful and did everything in his capabilities to make money.

While growing up, David hated school because he had dyslexia and studied differently from others. The current education system is not structured for people like him, so he had to study and work three times harder than every other student. He enrolled in a few programs and dropped out because he had no idea what career path he sought. Read More About: movierulz4

But even in the face of everything and being dyslexic, David was talented in art, loved the attention and bringing people together. Music is his purpose.

You can listen to David Phan’s songs on Apple or Spotify.





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