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We are living in the age of the smartphone today. The smartphone has revolutionized societ

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y in the twenty first century, just like the invention of the printing press did a few hundred years ago, and how the invention of the steam engine kick started a global industrial revolution. Thanks to the introduction of the smartphone to the society, we have been able to say goodbye to so many other machines that used to clutter our lives and our spaces, such as the pocket calculator, desktop computer, telephone and alarm clock.

Another problem that feeds into this issue, is that many of us use our smartphones as a mini camera or video recorder, and we cannot resist snapping a few hundred pictures a day to upload to our social media accounts to increase our visibility in the virtual space. Most of these videos and images take up a lot of space in storage, because the quality of these pictures has gone up, just like the prices of our devices in recent years. All these can clog our storage up, and reduce space for more important apps and files.

What is Simpli Clean Mobile?

Since its development, the smartphone has changed for the better in leaps and bounds. So many companies have come forward in introducing various features to attract people to buy their products. This has led to an increase in the creation of many different apps, which can clutter and slow down our device. This is a huge problem to people, because we depend on smartphones for each and every daily task.

Many apps have been introduced to counter these problems, but only a few of them are simple enough to use in a few seconds. simpli Clean Mobile is one of them. It’s a very tiny app that takes up only a few megabytes of your device storage and it’s very simple to use. Unlike other similar apps out there it only has one page with three main services.

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There are many alternatives to Simpli Clean Mobile app. Some of them are AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, Phone Master and Nox Cleaner.

Features of simple Clean Mobile

Speed up System: shuts down all the unnecessary processes and allows the required processes to start with less memory.

Clean Up Storage:  Once clicked, lists out all the files taking up storage of your device in various categories including Garbage data, App data, Downloads and Large files, and allows you to manage these files however you like. There are also options here for you to shrink files, including images, and it provides you with an uninstaller too.

There is another option where you can directly clean up your WhatsApp files called the WhatsApp cleaner.

Delete traces: allows you to delete history from various apps including your web browser apps, and also provides you with the ability to remove the location from various files on your device.

Download Simpli Clean Mobile apk

Simpli Clean Mobile apk is a free Android junk cleaner and a performance booster. You can download and install this application for free using AC Market. AC Market is the largest and the most popular Android app store. You can install any application for free using AC Market. No login or registration required. Just install and start to download applications. AC Market also available for Windows 11. You can download AC Market Windows 11 app to replace Amazon App Store.

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