Sell Gold Bullion Melbourne For Cash


If you have any gold in your possession, you might want to consider selling it. Whether you have a broken coin or you just want to sell some gold to invest in other things, there are a few places in Melbourne where you can do so. These are Abe Mor, Monetarium Adelaide Pty Ltd, and Guardian Vaults.

Abe Mor

If you are looking for a place to sell your gold bullion, you may want to check out Abe Mor. The company offers a number of services and products, and is located in the Diamond District of Manhattan. You can expect better prices for your jewelry, and a simpler and quicker process than you would get from a pawn shop.

While you may not be able to trade sell gold bullion in Perth your gold in for a new one, you can get a good price for it. Most online “cash for gold” stores are willing to pay 50 cents per dollar of scrap gold value. But, Abe Mor is willing to pay more for larger purchases.

As one of the oldest and most reputable bullion dealers in the country, Abe Mor has the experience to back up its claims. They also offer a number of other high-end services, including insured shipping, tracking, and a price match guarantee.

Monetarium Adelaide Pty Ltd

The Monetarium Adelaide Pty Ltd is a leading numismatic dealer in Australia. It offers a comprehensive range of services including buying, estate liquidation, and selling.

In addition to its gold bullion offerings, the company also handles Australia’s rarest banknotes and coins. Their inventory features items from the 20th century as well as colonial coins. They also provide information on upcoming auctions and coin shows.

A large number of international companies offer precious metal storage in Australia. This ensures that the precious metals owned by clients are securely stored and insured. Moreover, many of these companies offer premium storage services. These include G4S and LMBA.

There are three types of monetary coins produced in Australia. These include gold, silver, and copper. One of the most important coins minted in this country is the Nobleman One Pound. This was the first gold pound minted in Australia. It was struck at the Government Assay Office in Adelaide on 23 September 1852.

Guardian Vaults

Guardian Vaults is Australia’s largest private safe custody facility. They have two locations in Sydney and one in Melbourne CBD. In addition to gold bullion, they store silver, jewellery and other valuables. Their clients include government bodies, trust funds, metal refiners, and private individuals.

The vaults are designed to protect gold and other precious items from theft. They use electronic and physical protection barriers and protocol protection. There is also a unique safe unit inside the vault.

For over twenty years, Guardian Vaults has been the leading provider of safe deposit boxes. During that time, they have expanded their facilities to three locations. Today, they have more than 900 metric tonnes of storage space, making them one of the largest private vault providers in Australia.

Cash for Gold Australia

If you’re looking for an easy way to sell gold bullion Melbourne for cash, there are several ways to do so. But before you get started, you should know what to look for.

First, a good gold buyer should pay you a fair price for the gold you’re selling. You should also check their reputation. This will help ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

When you’re looking for a reputable gold dealer, you should also consider whether they offer online services. These can offer a variety of benefits, including lower fees. Plus, if you’re concerned about safety, buying online is a good way to do it.

Another way to sell gold bullion is to pawn it. However, this can be a risky approach. While pawn shops might offer a quick turnaround, you’ll receive less than market value for your gold.

Melbourne Mint

The first modern British sovereign was struck at the Royal Mint in 1817. However, the gold coin minted by the Melbourne and Sydney Mints was not far behind.

While the Melbourne and Sydney mints are no longer around, Perth Mint remains the official mint for the Commonwealth of Australia. It manufactures and refines gold and other precious metals into custom coins and bars for the collector and investor.

There are three main mints for Australia: the Royal Australian Mint, the Perth Mint, and the PAMP. All three have a range of investment coins to suit different collectors’ tastes.


The Royal Australian Mint has released a new series of gold coins focusing on the elusive Australian Kangaroo. This coin pays tribute to a species that has been a constant part of the landscape since the days of the gold rush.

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