Pros and Cons of Modern Communication Devices


Of all the inventions, it is undeniable that the Internet and the mobile phone are the two that have changed Radios de Comunicacion the most. There are three reasons for this. The devices significantly reduce information transmission times, are widely available, and can deliver messages in a variety of ways.

Advantages of modern communication devices.

First, through the Internet, information is delivered to others almost instantly. Emails are faster versions of letters, while documents (photos, records, music, etc.) can be quickly sent as attachments or uploaded to specialized websites in just a few minutes. . Mobile phones also transmit valuable information to someone at work at the same time.

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So, the Internet and mobile phones are widespread all over the world, and few people do not own these devices. This makes it easier for people to keep in touch with family members and co-workers living abroad.

Finally, while using these two inventions, we are not limited to one form of communication. You can exchange written information via email, social media, or instant messaging over the Internet, but they can also be heard and seen through video chat. Mobile phones allow both text messages and calls with additional features that allow users to attach photos, recordings, and photos.

All the benefits of modern communication are obvious and there is no doubt that people do not take advantage of them. However, the worrying thing is that communication through technology has not become universal and is becoming the only means of communication. People tend to forget all the values ​​and benefits of face-to-face conversations and meetings.

Face-to-face communication is not very good …

So why is non-face-to-face communication being so embraced? This is because an overworked society behaves in a hurry, in keeping with the old adage that “time is money.” People think that if they can save a few minutes calling someone from where they are, they don’t have to travel a certain distance or waste time in traffic.

Also, people start to think that it doesn’t matter if you see someone face to face or through a video camera. They are considered equal in these two respects during an Internet conversation. There is no real emotion, when someone is sad, we cannot hug someone and we cannot observe her true feelings.

Perhaps the worst use of modern communication devices is when a person wants to avoid stress or face difficult situations. Now, many teenagers break up with their partners through text messages. As a result, in the future, you may not face serious problems that cannot be solved outside of face-to-face conversations.

As you can see from the above points, people connect with strangers through the Internet instead of developing real relationships. Instead of talking to their neighbors, they make phone calls and no longer know the people around them.

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Without perfecting the traditional ways we communicate face-to-face, more and more people are struggling to build real relationships, suffer from feelings of isolation, and are characterized by low emotional intelligence.

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