Let’s do some anti-aging exercise.


There are many ways to take care of your skin to slow down aging. cleansing gel เจลล้างหน้า which is one of the ways to take care of the skin from the outside But exercise is a way to take care of yourself from within. And exercise is a big problem for Thai people nowadays, as is known, is that they do not exercise regularly.

In fact, this could be considered a major national health problem. because we know that “Little or no physical activity is a major risk factor for developing NCDs (Non-communicable Diseases).”

However, there are not many people who turn to exercise regularly. whether in the park Various fitness centers or a sports club In this number, why some people find that despite regular exercise. But the body was weak, not refreshed, and had symptoms of illness. or have various diseases This is another problem that makes us not want to exercise together.

What causes us to have these symptoms?

Many times noticed that Some people do not exercise properly and properly. Whether it’s about the type of exercise, posture, duration, or even how often you exercise. This causes many people to have problems after exercise, such as various injuries. fatigue too tired Or even exercising for a long time still doesn’t work as expected.

Today, I would like to bring you a story about exercise that can be adapted to everyone, all ages and according to the needs of each person. under the concept “Anti-Aging Exercise”

Things to know before exercising

First of all, I would like to introduce everyone to the general principles. of planning in exercise first, that is FITT Principle

FITT or FIT stands for 3 words:

F – Frequency (frequency of exercise) refers to how often we exercise. how many days per week As a general recommendation, it starts at 3 – 5 days a week.

I – Intensity (exercise intensity) refers to the intensity level of each exercise. It is divided into Low Intensity, Moderate Intensity, and Vigorous Intensity.

Do you believe that The level of physical exertion is very important. Because if you exercise with an intensity that is suitable for your intended purpose, it will make your exercise more effective. But if it’s not right, for example, some people exercise every day. but out at a very light level Going for a walk Mount with friends to exercise, etc., or some people exercise too hard. Kind of sweating ever When I returned home, I felt exhausted or exhausted. which is of no benefit

T – Time (time of exercise) refers to the amount of time spent exercising. Mostly many Health and fitness related agencies or associations often recommend that Exercise should be at least 30 minutes a day and should not exceed 1 to 1.5 hours.

However, the time spent exercising may differ slightly. by type of exercise or as appropriate for each individual As for when is the right time to exercise, the answer is yes, either in the morning or in the evening. May it be a time that is convenient for us and that we can do it regularly.

T – Type (type of exercise) refers to the type of exercise we choose to do. The main types at present are as follows:

Type 1 is Cardio/Aerobic Exercise such as running in the park, running on the treadmill, brisk walking, aerobic dancing, swimming, cycling, etc.

The second type is weight training (Weight Training / Resistance Exercise) or playing with weights. Which can be found in fitness centers and is very popular among teenagers and working people nowadays because it is an exercise that makes muscles strong and in good shape. Look handsome and smart. Type 3 is stretching exercises for muscles and joints. Flexibility/Stretching Exercise is an exercise that requires stretching the muscles using a specific path for the main muscle groups such as the neck, shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs, etc. This exercise helps in flexibility of the muscles. Tendons and joints And help reduce the chance of injury from exercise. and playing sports

Do you know yourself well enough?

Another thing that I would like you to ask yourself before planning a workout is what is the purpose of exercising. Are there any restrictions or prohibitions on exercise? For example, have certain congenital diseases, such as heart disease that is not stable. Uncontrolled high blood pressure difficult to control diabetes Blood sugar levels go up and down frequently. have frequent dizziness or have had a previous syncope without a known cause or having diseases in the musculoskeletal group, etc.

Sometimes we may not be aware that we have any of these diseases, so if possible it is best to consult your doctor first. Especially in the older age group and want to start exercising. for safety

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