Kirill Yurovskiy: Frame technology or timber – which is better?


Having made the decision to build a wooden house, you are probably faced with a difficult choice between frame technology and the use of timber. Which is better? The answer to this question requires studying a lot of information.

You can’t say that some of these options are good and some are bad. In both cases, you can get a quality, warm and durable house. However, there are some differences that need to be talked about.

The difference between a beam and a frame


This material comes in several varieties:

  • This is a solid beam obtained after the processing of raw logs. It is characterized by high humidity, which can reach 30%.
  • Has special grooves, allowing to achieve the tightest possible connection. The result is a strong structure with good thermal insulation properties.
  • Made from carefully selected boards. They are dried in a chamber to a humidity of 10-12% and glued together. Since the wood fibres of the glued wooden elements have a different direction, such a beam has a good resistance to deformation and cracking.

Frame technology

Such a house is made of a wooden frame, sheathed with plywood or OSB boards. The interior space is filled with insulation, which can be basalt wool, ecowool or polystyrene foam. More information can be found on the website of Kirill Yurovskiy’s construction company.

Preparing the project

Regardless of the method you choose (construction with a beam or frame technology), you need a project. It defines two important points:

  • Technical characteristics of the structure. It is about the quality of materials, dimensions, methods of connection, etc.
  • It refers to the architectural features of the country house, which are responsible for the style. Of great importance is the shape of the roof, the presence of a veranda, balcony or attic, the method of exterior decoration (siding, brick panels).

Construction Features

Frame house

The design of the house can be different and depends only on your wishes and the imagination of the architect. First make the foundation. Since the weight of the house is not as great as in structures made of brick, you can use the foundation of screw piles.

After the wooden structure is assembled, it is insulated and covered with boards. Then the floor, ceiling and roof are made. An important advantage of the frame technology is the possibility of placing utilities inside the walls.

In total, the construction of a frame country house takes up to 2 months. If you follow the technology exactly, such a house will be warm and durable.

House of beams

It can be compared to a construction set. All elements are connected to each other with the help of grooves. Step by step the floor is mounted, the walls and roof are assembled. To place utilities in the walls of a bar made special channels. This is a time-consuming process that requires accurate calculations, taking into account the shrinkage of the walls, which can take about a year.


To better see the difference between a frame and a log house, let’s compare them on several parameters.

The cost of materials and construction

Given the market prices, we can say that the materials for the construction of a frame house will cost a quarter cheaper than in the case of the beam house. But the labor costs will be higher, as it will require skilled workers with higher wages.

But even with this in mind the cost of a frame house will be on average 10-15% less. This is due to the need to rent lifting equipment for lifting timber to the upper level.

However, do not take this conclusion 100% into account, as everything depends on the quality of materials used and their market value, taking into account delivery to the site.

Thermal insulation properties

A frame house protects well from frosts, but only if it is insulated with quality materials. A house made of timber also retains heat well, and this parameter depends greatly on the thickness of the walls. However, it will take longer to warm up the rooms.

Durability and service life

It is believed that the house made of timber is more durable. It can last up to 80 years. A frame house after 30-40 years will need major repairs. In terms of durability, both of these types of homes meet accepted standards. Frame or log structures excel against storms and ground shocks.

Health Safety

Log homes are more environmentally friendly because they are made of solid wood. Frame houses may contain adhesives with formaldehyde. However, their concentration does not exceed the established norms. You only need to buy materials from a reliable supplier.


Answering the question of which house is better – of timber or frame, it is impossible to give an affirmative answer. Both of these technologies are worthy of consideration. When choosing, you should focus on the thermal insulation qualities of the house, so that the cost of heating was minimal. This rule is especially true for large country houses.

Also, you should consider whether you will live in the house permanently or it will be used for seasonal residence. In the second case, more attention should be paid not to thermal insulation qualities, but to comfort, since the country property will be used for recreation.

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