How to crack the NEET exam with smart tips?


Students who aspire to follow a career in the area of medicine should take the NEET examination (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). By clearing it, the aspirant will get a seat in the topmost medical colleges all over the country. It is important to note that seats are limited by the number of students who apply to. Hence, to top the exam, students should go through various kinds of preparations. In this article, you will get to know about how to crack the NEET exam with some of the important yet smart tips. 

Also, in this article, you will be provided with the NEET Question Paper 2018 PDF. Before getting into the topic, look for the PDF given. This will greatly help with preparing and knowing all the strategies for cracking NEET. 

Generally, NEET toppers always believe in intensifying the exam preparation smartly rather than hard. To crack NEET is not just about working hard but requires smart preparation. Here are some of the smart preparation tips to follow during preparation also during the D-day. 

  • Starting the preparation  
  • Preparing a timetable

To start vigorous preparation, the first and foremost step the student could go for is preparing a timetable. It could be their planning based on topic or subject-wise. By following the timetable religiously, it will keep the students updated of where they stand. 

While framing a timetable, the students have to divide the timings based on their strategy of preparation, for example, how much preparation Organic chemistry needed and how ecology and environment needed preparation. Whereas, dividing the time with each session covered with a particular topic will help the aspirant not to get confused and study with effective preparation.

  • Exact Study Materials

Preparing for a competitive exam like NEET requires relevant study materials. Yet, there is a surfeit amount of books in the market. 

The truth is that 70% of the questions of NEET are from NCERT Textbooks. Hence, the aspiring candidates can study for the board exams as well as for competitive exams at the same time. The students need to ensure they are familiar with NCERT books end to end. 

  1. During the preparation 
  • Examine after each topic 

NEET aspirants must know that it is a competitive examination, and to act accordingly. The mugging up concept doesn’t even work. Understanding every topic is required rather than blindly mugging up. Hence, the good combination is that a basic understanding of concepts with examining where he\she stands and getting all the doubts cleared will help a lot for NEET cracking. 

During the preparation, making clear notes of the covered topics gives an understanding of his\her performance. Moreover, it will be much more beneficial during the time of revision. 

  • Evaluate the performance

During the preparation, the aspirant must understand what he\she is studying. So, it is required to initiate some of the tools for understanding the concepts better such as making flashcards, charts, mind maps, and so on. This will not only prepare the student to learn better but also unveils all the doubts coming on the way. Hence, the best judgment is made with the evaluating process. 

  1. Evaluation from mock tests and previous year papers
  • Practising Mock Tests

The candidate needs to take mock tests as this will give awareness of exam day experience. This is the key for handling pressure, also setting the time frame for 3 hours. 

  • Solving papers

Solving papers greatly helps because it helps the students to understand the level of examination and also the important topics to be covered during the preparation session. Practising previous year’s question papers like NEET Question Paper 2018 PDF will give the confidence to face the real exam. There won’t be any surprising tasks to do on-spot since the aspirants will have experience stress management. Moreover, question paper solving helps the candidate to focus on what is important and be a more exam-centric viewpoint. 

  1. Revising
  • Getting the doubts cleared

Every mock test trains the student to make notes of the wrong answers and to clarify the doubts and begin to work on weak areas. The students have to make sure there are no repeating mistakes. This makes the student increase their level of proficiency in NEET.  

  • Re-approaching

To master a particular topic, revising the topic, concept, subject or chapter will be a good strategy. Some of the prominent revisions could be formulae, important reactions, mechanisms, equations. Above all, it is important to revise important areas as well as the weak areas the student should focus on. 

  • Mind Health
  • Avoid Overthinking

Nothing can change the past! When thinking about a situation, discussing answers with friends, looking back to textbooks for answers, and looking on online forums will lead to overthinking. Once the exam gets finished, there is nothing to change. Hence, it is best not to overthink and just move on. 

  • Positive attitude

The attitude towards examination decides the effectiveness of the students’ learning process. If the student possesses a negative attitude towards the exam day, then it would ultimately suppress the student to prepare for today. I.E. The negative attitude will make things difficult. To be positive, the student should start to generate a positive attitude in his\her mind. The student should take care of their mental health. This will show the brain to approach things better in a more prominent way. The right mindset (positive) will lead the student to be less anxious and more productive and open to new ideas. 

  • Physical Health
  • Healthy Diet

To stay strong, the candidates should follow a healthy diet and be involved in physical and mental fitness. For boosting brain function, iron-rich foods, and Vitamin B-rich foods are required. 

  • Study Breaks

Being a normal human being, every student requires timely breaks to get back to work effectively. It is important to note that; the optimum break is required to maintain optimum concentration. When the student indulges in long-time break-free preparation, the concentration decreases after a particular time, researchers say. 

  • A break is essential; the student can do ten-minute walks, chat with friends, or take students a small nap in between the breaks. This could release feel-good hormones and makes the student more productive and happier.

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