Olympiad is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad at national and international levels. It is one of the most important exams that provide holistic development to students. It provides a platform where students from different parts can come together and test their knowledge. It provides students a platform to show off their caliber as well.

Various organizations across the country conduct the International Mathematics Olympiad for the students of higher classes as well. Based on CBSE, the state and ICSE syllabus are the questions provided. The organization also provides study material for students in the form of the IMO Book for Class 5 that contains detailed information on the entire syllabus. This exam has become popular among the population since there are many students who are awarded for their excellent performance in this exam. Schools have now started to identify students and select those who want to excel in Mathematics. This exam is for all of those students aspiring to participate in national and international level competitive exams. Mathematics is one subject that requires a lot of practice and focus.

Students are introduced to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of factors, and decimals. Moreover, they are taught new concepts of ratio and percentages which can be challenging for some. The geometry section is more advanced with problems that are based on perimeter and area. Students of class 5 would also learn different methods of solving a problem. And therefore they must be encouraged to use their own approach to arrive at the correct solution. Olympiad exams are the best way to inculcate the habit of using individual approaches especially when it’s a subject that is well known for this strategy. The syllabus of the Olympiad exam is the same as prescribed by the school management. However, the same questions are asked in different ways in Olympiads which can help expand the ability of a student to solve questions. Each and every question that is a part of the Maths Olympiad syllabus for class 5 is carefully designed by the faculty of experienced teachers and management. The analytical skills applied to solve these questions will help students to apply those in all other future competitive exams. It is as per the norms prescribed by all boards, namely the CBSE, ICSE, and other State boards which are in favor of the students from different parts of the nation. Thus, no matter which board your school refers to, you can participate with all the knowledge you have. Here are some tips to tackle all the obstacles you face when preparing for this.


As a student, it’s extremely important to know your subject thoroughly. Without a clear idea of what you are appearing for, the chances to get stuck during the preparation are possible. The best way to know the details of the examination is from a school faculty. As they are more experienced, this exam would be just another exam that occurs every year for them but in your case, it’s not. Therefore it’s wise to get their point of view of this exam to know the difficulty level. Moreover, it’s their responsibility to clear all your doubts related to the subject which would help you even more.

Asking you seniors who must have attended the exam is another way to get technicalities on how to prepare. It’s always good to get extra prepared for the exam. Therefore don’t hesitate even a bit.


Understanding where you stand in your knowledge and what are your weak areas is as important as studying. This not just makes your preparation easier but lets you concentrate more on topics which you find difficult. Spend more time on it as it’s the best way to get good at something you lack confidence in. Another way to tackle this obstacle is by attending extra question papers as they would help you realize that.


This is another factor that plays a crucial role in determining your performance during the exam. Time is often taken for granted until we realize its importance. As all these exams are conducted in a limited amount of time, managing the time becomes crucial. The only way you can overcome the situation is by constant revision and mock tests. Mock tests will let you know where you are taking so much time, which areas need more focus, and so on. Time has to be wisely utilized as it can lead to bad grades.


Physical and mental preparation is as important as academic preparation. It’s disappointing that students often forget it and concentrate on only gaining grades. What they should realize here is that by choosing that path they are decreasing the effect of their preparation. Mental preparation includes building a strong mindset that can further avoid any scenario of not being able to perform as you think. Anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness are the result of poor mental preparation. If you don’t get good care of any of that the chances for your preparation to go wrong are more.

A healthy diet and sleep are the factors that determine your physical preparation. A good amount of sleep is needed especially for a student. Since the process of studying require tons of energy and good functioning of the brain, taking care of it plays a major role in performing well in our exam. Sleep is when all the data we absorbed during the day gets imprinted as long-term memory. Therefore a good amount of sleep is not only good for your health but for a good memory as well. A diet that includes mainly brain food such as fruits and nuts that consist of especially omega 3, vitamins which are good for brain functioning should be taken every day.

Finally, see what works for you. Human beings are unique and everyone has a different way of studying as we all have capacities that vary from one to another. Therefore understanding your method of studying is extremely important. Because it’s not necessary what works for somebody else, should work for you.

You can refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2016.

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