How a CBD Brand Can Leverage a Virtual Call Center


With CBD being the most talked-about supplement on the market, CBD companies are busier than ever providing customer service. The customer experience is the most important factor in your company’s success, and nothing ruins the experience like a poor customer support infrastructure.

Many CBD businesses have begun using virtual call centers to increase their capacity to serve consumers. Continue reading to learn some of the ways your CBD brand can benefit from virtual call center software, whether you’re selling CBD oil, CBD capsules, or CBD products specifically for chronic pain and inflammation management.

Provide around-the-clock customer support to CBD consumers.

If your CBD company has an eCommerce platform, you could be getting orders from all over the United States and even the world. Did you know there are over 20 time zones in the world? That means you could have callers way outside of your normal operating hours.

If your customers can’t get the solutions they need from your CBD brand, they’ll find a CBD company that can deliver on their needs. One of the best things about a virtual call center is that they give you the ability to provide around-the-clock solutions and never miss out on the opportunity to connect with customers. A customer service agent should always be able to answer questions about side effects, dosage, the entourage effect, and how your CBD may interact with medications for inflammation and chronic pain. Alternatively, your call center reps should encourage clients to speak with a doctor about dosage and potential side effects.

Reduce the amount of time callers spend waiting for customer service.

How do you feel about being placed on hold when you call your credit card company or cell phone carrier? Well, you should know your customers feel the same way when they call you and have to wait on hold or go through a labyrinth to reach the right agent.

If someone calls your CBD company wanting to know about the best CBD for pain, the last thing they want to do is listen to elevator music or guess the right sequence of numbers to reach the right agent. With a virtual call center, you can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes a caller to get to the right agent and get the solutions they need.

Automate outgoing calls and emails to customers.

There are a lot of people who use CBD for pain management, inflammation, and anxiety, and they’re always on the lookout for the latest CBD creams, oils, and gummies. Virtual call center software can enhance your marketing efforts by automating outbound calls to customers to alert them to your new CBD products. Furthermore, you can let them know when their CBD orders have arrived at your store and keep them abreast of the latest deals on CBD.

They give you the benefits of a call center and the convenience of remote teams.

Due to COVID-19, many small businesses had to switch to working remotely for safety measures. Many companies liked the remote infrastructure so much that they’ve vowed to keep things that way at their companies.

With a virtual call center, you get all the benefits of a traditional call center, but they also allow your customer support team to work remotely. They can log in to the virtual contact center from home and have access to important customer and company information.

Virtual call centers allow you to provide omnichannel solutions.

Bright Pattern also offers virtual contact centers to go along with their virtual call centers. Contact centers allow you to communicate online with consumers via live chat. You can even initiate contact with consumers via chatbots that automate communications with consumers.

Another benefit of virtual contact centers is that you can switch seamlessly between channels. For instance, if you’re communicating with a customer via live chat and need to carry communications over to the phone lines, the customer can do so without having to go through a call queue.

Virtual call centers are like a performance-enhancing supplement for CBD brands. With the ability to provide around-the-clock customer service, enhance the customer experience with omnichannel solutions, and reduce callers’ hold times, it’s no wonder more and more companies in the CBD industry are using virtual call centers and contact centers.

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