History of French fashion and French street fashion


History of French fashion

The concept of “fashion” was associated with Louis XIV’s reign in France, when the country under the control of the ruling authority began to develop rapidly.

Later, French fashion evolved into a truly revolutionary fashion, introducing men’s clothing to women’s clothing in the twentieth century: pants, jackets, tight shirts and even ties. She has made bold revolutions from romanticism to modernization, forcing the whole of fashion to follow a new path, known to all, even from fashion, the French Narco Coco Chanel.

Street fashion

The French style, which is already infamous, manifests itself in a taste that makes the style and clothing and accessories preferred by French fashionists. He was always very special and charming.

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The proximity of podiums with high fashion, of course, imposes its significant impression, but not only this factor does not affect the special charm of French street fashion. Involved with the mastery of the art, it seems, forms a well-organized and unorganized image and forms the basis of French fashion and style. Wearing a warm coat with a slim T-shirt or a chiffon dress, such as taken from a grandmother’s chest, with an almost male tweed jacket, and having a seasoned image with taste original accessories, achieve a unique impression of French, branded French look Showing.

French women are predominantly European, with most of them continuing European values ​​and gender equality. They are independent, create a career, and it cannot affect the appearance. Generally, French women prefer light natural make-up (and often do without), democratic brands and cool colours of clothes. In the throat of a real French woman, leitmotifs have little neglect but not sloppiness. This negligence can only carry a very good, knowing her ability to attract, who has a woman of an uninterrupted taste. The most important thing on the French fashionista’s cheeks is a combined set of accessories and costume jewellery makes the ordinary dress evening. French women are not indifferent to jewellery “with history”. They dig into the products of turn markets and antique shops.

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