Getting to Know More About Antique and Vintage Jewellery


Jewellery is the perfect way to show off your personality. Some people like to make an impression with their wardrobe, while other people would prefer not to display jewellery at all. You can find a lot of beautiful pieces that are not necessarily antique, but carry a certain vintage or historical value. As well as being attractive, this type of jewellery also offers a great deal of history, as it has been worn by many different generations over the course of time. One of the main attractions for antique jewellery is that it has a lot of history associated with it, and it may be a piece from your grandparents’ time or something from a bygone era.

Value of Antique jewellery

There are some really great jewellery pieces out there that do not carry the same amount of value as more modern pieces. However, these pieces will still look stunning on your wrist and they will hold their style. People often choose more vintage jewellery pieces than more modern ones because they are able to appreciate the beauty of the antiques and retain a certain charm. Of course, there are some modern designs that look fantastic, but will lack a certain charm. Antique and vintage jewellery can therefore work to balance out the modern and contemporary designs.

Collection of jewellery 

Many people love to collect things of particular time periods and those antiques are a great way to have a collection of jewellery that is not spread across the world. In fact, you can have one piece from a certain period of time and add on others from different eras. This is a great way of having a piece of jewellery that is unique and which can stand the test of time.

If you have a favourite design or style of jewellery, you will probably find that you can get this piece, or parts of a piece, and this will help you to create a collection. You can then take the pieces to an appraiser and tell them the value. This can be a great investment as you may well find that you gain money back on your jewellery and this could make it a good investment. Of course, if you find that your collection grows and you want to sell it, you will be able to find a buyer who will pay a great deal more than you paid for your jewellery.

Where to find antique jewellery

There are many different places where you can find antique jewellery or vintage jewellery such as Carus Jewellery. You will probably be surprised how much of this you have around your home already. You may have some items in boxes, and this can give you an idea of what kind of items were worn in the past. Of course, you can always go online to do a search. There are many online shops where you can find vintage and antique jewellery. You will find that this type of jewellery can be very beautiful and that it can add a lot to your home.


When you are looking at antiques and vintage jewellery, it is also worth taking a close look at what kind of jewellery is being worn at any particular time. This can help you get a better understanding of how certain styles look, and this can help you decide whether particular pieces of jewellery are right for you. You will be amazed at what you can find, so do not hesitate to start looking online for some of the best finds around.


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