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The crypto trading platform and fresh-cut cut goal are to feature the most recent video moments from the gaming community. KCS raised $20 million (USD) in round. A fundraising in November 2018 from IDG capital and matrix partners. Forbes advisor called KuCoin one of the top cryptocurrency exchange in 2021.

The ascent rated KuCoin the top crypto exchanges and Applications 2022 for enthusiasts in 2022. As the residence of crypto gems, KuCoin has assisted over 700 tasks to 1,200+ trading pairs. BLOK, CHMB, VR, KMA, and DAO were among the projects with primary listings on KuCoin. Fresh Cut seeks to empower fans and developers to share the best moments in gaming to reach and sustain this moment. Furthermore, the platform promises to adequately repay its ecosystem’s fans and creators

How Well does Fresh Cut (FCD) Function?

Fresh Cut is dedicated to challenging web2 standards in the social video market and defining its future. The platform aims to accomplish this by returning value to creators and fans, who play and manages fun and engaging community.

Fresh Cut Diamonds are a token in the Fresh Cut ecosystem (FCD). FCD is an ERC-20 community currency that operates on Polygon, a side chain scaling solution for Ethereum. Fans and creators can earn it in various methods, including community membership, platform engagement, and patronage tipping.

The Fresh Cut platform includes methods for engage-and-earn and create-and-earn. Moreover, the company launches patronage products that will return 90 percent of the value to creators. Fresh cut, unlike other profit-driven enterprises, allocates

What Sets Fresh Cut (FCD) Aside and unique?

Dissimilar to web2 social-video stages, Fresh Cut empowers dynamic substance makers who contribute to the local area to procure standard FCD rewards. The stage will just disseminate these compensations to makers who complete errands.

Maker undertakings incorporate distributing video content, cultivating viewership and fan commitment, sharing video content, drawing in fans through Fresh Cut, taking an interest in occasions like competitions, and making and coordinating endorsed Fresh Cut occasions for fans local area individuals.

Through the Engage-and-Earn system, Fresh Cut permits fans that add to its conflict channel to acquire rewards. Assignments that makers need to finish to acquire FCD incorporate watching recordings, drawing in with makers, sharing and advancing maker content, and partaking in local area occasions

Aims of Fresh Cut 

As advancement proceeds, Fresh Cut means collaborating with vital publicists and patrons to expand the prizes that makers and fans get. After the task accomplishes this achievement, FCD holders will appreciate both items and award open doors through unique mission initiations.

Considering FCD runs on Polygon, token holders get quick exchange speeds, low exchange costs, Ethereum’s security, an energetic and quickly developing EVM biological system, and powerful improvement apparatuses and climate.


Fresh Cut is well-positioned to transform the social-video business by offering tangible value to producers and fans via the Engage-and-Earn and Generate methods. The project also contributes to developing and maintaining a healthy, engaging, and enjoyable community. KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange with great crypto prices and its operating headquarters in Seychelles, offering user’s multilingual customer care that is an available round of the clock.

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