Easy Trip: 5 Must-Have Apps For Car Travelers


A road trip is a great way to spend your vacation. Imagine booking a van rental Puerto Rico and looking forward to an incredible family weekend. Sounds great? Yes, your trip promises to be exciting, but it’s very important to prepare properly for it. 

In today’s world of digital technology, your smartphone is much more than a means of communication. It’s a multi-tool to help you organize your road trip. Whether you need to rent a car, find great travel ideas, plan your budget, or create an interesting route – the apps installed on your smartphone make it easy and fast. 

If you are going on a road trip, we have prepared a list of programs that will be useful to you…


When you pick up a rental car and start your trip, the last thing you want to do is get lost somewhere in an unfamiliar area. Fortunately, if you install OsmAnd on your smartphone, then you will definitely avoid this scenario. 

OsmAnd is based on data from OpenStreetMap, a mapping project known to many professional travelers. Maps on the OSM platform are considered to be one of the most accurate – they are used by the UN, Wikipedia, and even the website of the U.S. President. 

You can study the map on the official website, but it’s more convenient to keep it in the application. Among the top popular clients for such maps is the OsmAnd app. In the free version, you can upload up to seven files with local maps. 

What do you get with OsmAnd:

  • clear interface; 
  • offline mode of operation, which saves traffic; 
  • always fresh OSM data: items that no longer exist are excluded and new locations are added; 
  • day and night mode of the navigator.


The tripadvisor.com website is familiar to most travelers as a hotel search aggregator. However, in the application, it’s even more convenient to search for sightseeing and entertainment options, because on the smartphone screen, the interface of the program takes the form of a social network feed. 

For example, you are going on vacation to Puerto Rico and want to rent a car for your trip. In the TripAdvisor application, you can find a huge number of interesting road trip ideas. What places to visit, where to eat, and even how to organize a car rental in Puerto Rico? You will have all the necessary information in one place. 

Cultural, educational and gastronomic establishments and events are categorized and ranked according to visitor ratings. You enter a request, and the system selects suitable offers based on your preferences. If you have any questions, you can ask other travelers or representatives of establishments directly. Then you just have to add the place you like to your route.

What do you get with TripAdvisor:

  • Simple travel planning with the ability to add interesting places to it;
  • Booking a hotel room, a table in a restaurant, or an excursion with free cancellation; 
  • Filtering the right places for key queries;
  • Rating and reviews from real customers.


If you want to have a financier who will do the bookkeeping on vacation, then your dream has come true. TravelMoney is a godsend for the frugal. Of course, the application won’t decide for you whether you need to buy another souvenir, but it will show you how much you have already spent, and analyze what exactly you bought. 

The program is especially great if you are traveling in a rental car because, in addition to the basic expenses for entertainment and food, you need to keep the budget for refueling, insurance, and parking. Read more  mangadex

What do you get with TravelMoney:

  • Saving money and protecting against spontaneous purchases thanks to the Limit option;
  • Maintaining a group account to split the payment among several persons; 
  • Automatic currency converter.


This application is a kind of social network for road travelers. It helps those who get lost in unfamiliar places. Here you can find a camping site, and leave a review for future travelers. 

The application is intuitive and allows you to find everything you need – what amenities and entertainment you have at the campsite, what is the price of the campsite per night, and much more.

This is an incredibly useful program if you are traveling in a rental car and don’t want to be tied to specific locations. 

What do you get with Park4night:

  • campsites added by car travelers themselves, so information and comments are up-to-date and honest; 
  • exact GPS coordinates of places; 
  • clear icons understandable for everyone.


This multifunctional service helps independent travelers to plan their trips. Wherever you want to go, whatever activities you want to try, you can organize everything at Lambus. The application will allow you to properly prepare for a romantic getaway with your beloved one, organize a family trip in a rental car, and also advise you on which places to visit. 

The app also has a special ‘Discover’ feature designed to inspire you for new journeys. If you don’t know where to go, feel a lack of energy, or want to get new impressions – take a look at it to see inspirational videos and sketches from different parts of the world. Perhaps something will interest you so much that you will want to see this place with your own eyes and plan your trip immediately!  click here youtuber streamer

In Lambus, you can also store scanned copies of all your documents, which is very convenient and safe. 

What do you get with Lambus:

  • Easy travel route planning;
  • Perfect road trip ideas;
  • All travel documents are collected in one place.
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