Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands: A Quick Guide & Things to Know


Carbon fiber wedding bands offer a broad spectrum of features and benefits. As such it is currently in high demand for making wedding bands because many couples are looking for something innovative and unique to steal the show. Carbon fiber wedding bands have a unique appearance and feel. They are pretty reasonably priced than other wedding band metals. According to Forbes, carbon fiber is extremely lightweight but proves extravagant for aerospace applications because it necessitates human cutting, and currently, aerospace-grade carbon fiber is purer than needed so, it has a matching price tag. However, this high-strength material proves to be affordable than other precious metals used in the jewelry industry.

What Do You Understand by Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is not a metal in the true sense, even though it may appear to be like it. It is a polymer made of PAN or polyacrylonitrile. It is composed of thousands of mini carbon fiber strands that are thinner than our hair. Once these thin tiny strands or fibers are woven tightly together, they become incredibly stiff and strong, making the material excessively robust.

Designers and engineers prefer carbon fiber because it is hard and tough than steel and even lighter. It is an undoubted, space-age material and has numerous applications in the aerospace and technology industries. In recent times, carbon fiber has been slowly gaining traction as an alternative material for making wedding bands and other jewelry. It has become popular because of its uniqueness and immense benefits.

Should You Opt for 100 Percent Pure Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands?

On rare occasions, jewelers design, and craft 100 percent pure carbon fiber wedding rings or other jewelry. Pure carbon fiber jewelry is incredibly light, and most people will not appreciate the feel and touch. It is best to buy a wedding band made from carbon fiber and some other substances like titanium and tungsten, ceramic or wood, blended for creating different combinations in beautiful designs. Choose from an impressive collection at EpicWeddingBands.

Carbon Fiber Ring: Understanding the Pros

Hypoallergenic Properties

Carbon fiber is hypoallergenic, which means it is ideal for anyone who suffers from metal allergies. If traditional jewelry gives you skin irritation or other reactions, you should consider trying a carbon fiber band instead. These are light and breathable too, and the airflow certainly helps reduce irritation and sweat.

Overall Modern Looks

This high-tech cutting-edge material comes with a touch of black and seems to be way ahead of the conventional platinum and gold rings. For the modern couple, carbon fiber wedding bands are the way to go.

Attractive & Fair Pricing

Carbon fiber wedding bands are reasonably priced and are just the right choice if you have budgetary constraints. Depending on the raw materials used and the overall craftsmanship quality, carbon fiber wedding bands are available at an affordable range, starting at $50 up to $2000.

Sustainable & Conflict-Free

Some metals, such as tantalum, come from conflict areas. However, there are no such controversies associated with carbon fiber. It is a sustainable and conflict-free choice.

Carbon Fiber: Cons to Know

No Color Choice 

All carbon fiber wedding bands currently come in black. If you are looking for other attractive color options, you will be disappointed.

Come in a Limited Range

As carbon fiber is a relatively unknown and new metal, you have access to limited options. Its popularity is gaining traction consistently but slowly.

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Carbon fiber wedding bands are path-breaking products in the jewelry world. These are usually available from reliable jewelry stores online. These modern jewelry pieces are usually, unavailable in your local stores. Start exploring carbon fiber wedding bands online today!

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