Car crash in Tucson: Why do you need an injury lawyer? 

An unanticipated car accident can leave you grappling with serious injuries and considerable losses. Such accidents and crashes are common in Arizona, and as many as one-third of all cases have disastrous outcomes. Most victims have one question in mind – “Do I need legal representation?” The answer depends on many factors, but hiring an experienced Tucson auto accident attorney can benefit your case in many ways. Here’s why you need to consider getting an injury lawyer.  

Because you are dealing with serious injuries

Car accidents often cause traumatic head, brain, and neck injuries. In many cases, victims spend months recovering from the accident at home, which only adds to expenses and income loss. If your injuries are likely to impact your ability to earn or have a normal life, you definitely need a lawyer. In such circumstances, your compensation should cover all losses, including future medical treatments. Your lawyer can talk to medical experts and use your medical evidence to seek a higher settlement. 

Because insurance companies won’t make things easy

For any insurance company, the immediate concern is to minimize their financial burden. The insurance representative will adhere to all possible tactics so that your settlement is reduced. These are big corporate giants that have the best legal resources and lawyers at their disposal. The offer you get will be typically lower than what you should get. When you hire an accident lawyer, they will negotiate with the insurance representative on your behavior. They can see through bad insurance tactics, and as needed, your attorney can file a lawsuit. 

Because you were partly at fault

Car crashes are rarely black and white. If you were partly at fault for the accident, the insurance company would use this to lower your settlement. Arizona follows the pure comparative fault rule. Your settlement will be reduced by your fault in percentage. If the insurance company can prove that your fault percentage is higher, this could be enough to pay a meager settlement. Get an attorney to protect your rights after a car crash. Your lawyer can work in your interest and negotiate a fair amount. 

Hiring an accident attorney in Tucson doesn’t have to be expensive. Personal injury law firms in AZ usually take such cases on a contingency basis. You pay a fixed percentage of the settlement to the lawyer (usually anywhere between 20% and 40%), but only when the lawyer wins. 

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