Can Promo Videos and Images Coexist?


In this digital world, you need to leverage different content formats to capture the elusive attention of your target audience. Apart from the usual blog articles with pictures, you also need creative promo video materials. Try this video editor to make it. 

Remember, human nature dictates that people’s eyes become drawn to beautiful visuals. Hence, you need stunning images, both still and moving ones, to create a favorable impression on your brand followers and potential prospects. 

Many people wonder which format they ought to prioritize. But here’s the thing, a promo video and an image can coexist. Why choose one when you can benefit from both? Your content marketing strategy will be more vibrant and robust if you use videos and photos. 

There is a place for both formats in your brand and campaigns. Even Youtubers need image thumbnails for their channel and promotional materials on social media. Take a look at the benefits of using a promo video and image for your website and social media profiles. 

Helps Create a Huge Impact on Your Prospects and Existing Followers

When you use both videos and images for your site, you create a huge impact. After all, there is better memory recall when your visitors see amazing visuals. For example, even bloggers need thumbnail images for their category lists and RSS feed. At the same time, they can create an interesting slideshow video using featured thumbnails for the homepage. This video can include five images from the most popular blog posts or other recent stories. As you can see, using both serves a purpose. It is a win-win situation to optimize promo video and image.

A Promo Video Drums Up Interest and Sharing For Your Brand

If you want to share something on your social media profiles, you cannot generate attention with just words alone. Having plain text for your post will not garner much attention. Those that use captivating images get noticed. More importantly, promo video materials get higher levels of engagement. After all, people are so inclined to share entertaining and informative clips. 

Remember, though a picture paints a thousand words, it can only show one angle of the story. You get to say and exhibit more with videos, making them more compelling. The trick is providing a balance between pictures and videos. Think of your objectives and decide which one to release. If you want people to like, comment, and share your posts, you must use stunning visuals. Here are the tips to remember:

  • Showcase your authentic values in visual content. 
  • Use unique photos from your gallery.
  • Create stunning footage curated with a video maker.

Supports the Message You Want to Convey

Images matter when you have an article or promo video you want to share. After all, this is the first thing everyone sees on your site or social media profiles. The right photo can make everything more interesting and easy to understand for your audience. “Still” photos add deeper insight and value to your post. This can either be a video or a blog article. 

More importantly, your chosen thumbnail can introduce your topic. It tells everyone what they ought to expect. Whether it is a pic for your blog piece or a still image for your video streaming channel, you need a compelling image that makes people want to click. As you can see, both video footage and image can work together. It does not have to be either/ or. Both formats have the power to support the message you want to share with the world. 

Makes Your Official Site and Social Media Profiles More Memorable

Both image and promo video can make your website and social media profiles more memorable. After all, your landing page or FB news feed cannot be just all videos. You need a mix of both pics, videos, and even words to generate more interest. For example, you are a business selling products; you cannot rely on words alone. Product descriptions will certainly not suffice to make that sale. Instead, you can try the following:

  • Put a fantastic picture showcasing the item in the main gallery. 
  • Share a demo video that teaches everyone how to use it on the item page.
  • Include a client testimonial that vouches for the product. 
  • Incorporate pictures and videos on the about us page. 

Remember, people want to learn more about your brand. Sharing a mix of interesting visuals is one to establish your authority. Most of all, people will only buy from you if they trust your brand. For this reason, you must leverage both photos and videos to spread brand awareness and create memory-recall. 

Achieves Better Emotional Connection with the Audience

Visuals hold a lot of power. A single image is worth a thousand words because it can resonate with the person looking at the photo. A person can feel a connection with a picture. At times, they assign meanings to that single photo they see. 

In the same token, you create an even deeper emotional attachment with videos. After all, videos are thousands of images connected together. With these moving images, you resonate with the viewers. This is even better than a single photo because you can be clear about the meaning. There is no room for misinterpretation. 

The key is knowing when to use a photo and an image. After all, you can’t just have one medium on your website or social media profile. Don’t abuse it and go over the top. There is a time and place for everything. Thus, you must have a clear objective and plan so you can select the visual that works best for achieving your purpose.

Improves Visibility Which Translates to Better Traffic

A promo video and image do not just add color and vibrancy to your site and social media profiles. It is true that today’s audience dislikes seeing a solid chunk of text. For this reason, you need an interesting mix of images and videos. Combine both with a nice layout to break all those words. Notably, people process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text. 

Above all else, having an image and footage make for excellent search engine optimization. Your site will rank higher on Google if you use stunning images and videos. The search engine catalogs all the assigned keywords to your image and video name. As such, both visuals have the power to bring traffic to your site. Remember, all your hard work will go to waste if your audience cannot find you! 

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