Bicycle Accidents in Idaho: An Overview 


If you ever seen a bicycle accident, you know it doesn’t well for the rider. These are some of the worst cases of injuries among the auto accident cases. Bicycle accidents are rare, due to low number of bicycles in use. However, with the growing number of delivery companies, growing eco-friendly practices, these accident cases are on the rise in United States. If you have been in an accident, you will definitely need to hire a good legal help like a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer to recover costs for your medical bills, repairs, and long-term loss of income, and rehabilitation. 


The main cause for bicycle accidents remain the inability of drivers to ‘look properly’ to spot a bicycle rider. According to the Idaho police department, this happens in as many as 57% of the cases. Furthermore, the laws also tend to favor the motorists somewhat. For example, in Idaho, motorists are expected to keep a distance of 3 feet between their motor, and a bicycle. This can seem reasonable to a motorists, however, it is often too close for comfort for a bike rider. Some bicycle accidents also happen due to different conceptions. For example, in Idaho, bicyclists are allowed to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, and a red light as a stop sign. However, many motorists feel this is an encroachment on their rightful place on the road, and can become more aggressive towards bicycle. 

Prime Examples

Main cases of collisions between motor vehicles, and bicycles involve minor incidents like a driver opening their door in the parking lot without looking. This can however prove to be dangerous when a bicyclist does not see the door being opened in time, and rams into the steel frame to sustain a serious injury. Moreover, when drivers change lanes without looking, and are distracted while making regular right turns. Furthermore, cases of alcohol abuse by drivers, and bikers are also common causes of accidents. In case of alcohol use, the biker may receive little sympathy from juries. Hence, you need to be sure to take all precautions. Ideally, a bicyclist should also have a dash cam on the bicycle to record video footage of the incident. 


Under the Idaho law, both bicyclists, and motor drivers are liable to get compensation for medical costs, repair costs, and other costs like loss of income. Furthermore, the law will decide based on comparative negligence in order to issue dues. However, in most cases, bicyclists suffer serious injuries including brain injury, internal injuries, and broken bones. While the Idaho law does not require bicyclists to wear a helmet, you must wear one to protect yourself. This is also a safeguard in a legal case, as juries will likely see you as the responsible driver. 

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