Best Study Schedule for Class 10 English Exam Preparation


English is not just a subject. It is a lifestyle. In the future, your communication skills will determine your education and qualification. Despite such importance, this subject is ignored like a minor subject. Students are so focused on the core subjects that they forget the relevance of English in their life. 

In class 10th, English is a very scoring subject. Even after the 10th standard, you can’t get rid of it. On top of that, every profession will demand fluency in the English language. Even if you are in marketing, teaching, civil services, or any corporate job, English is a must. 

Now that you know the importance of English, you should treat it like other important subjects like science and maths. Students don’t focus on English as it is easy to score. However, they should try to obtain full marks in this subject as it will boost your overall result. 

In this article, we will discuss how to succeed with your English study plan. 

#1: Measure Yourself

Before preparing your study plan, you should know yourself. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare your study plan accordingly. Some of the topics might need more time than others. Once you figure out where you stand, you can easily prepare a study plan that suits your needs.

Take a couple of free online tests that provide detailed feedback. It will increase transparency for your study plan. Divide your time among all the sections of the English exam: reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and literature.  

You are in touch with this subject since 1st standard. Therefore, you should not start from scratch. This self-evaluation will clarify your starting point.

#2: Set Milestones

If you follow your curriculum in a straight line without any revision or evaluation, you will leave half of your learning behind. By the time you will finish your syllabus, you will forget most of the points. To avoid this, you should try to set small weekly goals and combine those weekly goals to set up a monthly goal.

Run a quick weekly assessment to evaluate your progress and revise the weak topics immediately. Once a month, arrange a collective assessment test to conclude your monthly progress. Keep switching from short-term goals to long-term goals. In this way, you will be able to revise all the topics from your syllabus. 

Even if you excel at your weekly evaluation, you should make some time for the revision of previous topics.

#3: Stay Motivated

Regular assessments will give you a sense of accomplishment and will drive you to do more. Plan small rewards for yourself along the way. Treat yourself to a movie, game, or your favourite food. Set your rewards according to the difficulty of the milestone.     

Prepare a list of all the things you want to accomplish in your life and your result can help you in achieving them. Stick the list on a visible spot and read it whenever you have doubts about studying. Also, never burden yourself with extra work. Take proper rest and breaks between studying. 

Take a day off if you feel stressed and start where you left off. 

#4: Stay in touch

The best way to prepare a subject is by preparing it regularly. Unlike other subjects, English is not limited to textbooks. Whatever you read will add up to your English score in one way or another. Regular reading will increase your fluency and vocabulary. The chances of getting a vocabulary question are slim but you can use those terms in your answers and make your sheet more interactive. 

Read, write or listen to English every day. It will help you with the writing section as well as expressing your answers in the literature section. Also, reading correct English will imprint the image of correct grammar in your head. Detecting errors in your content will be a calk walk for you.

Just like maths, English also requires regular practice to be good at it.

#5: Sample Papers

Always include sample papers in your study schedule. The best way to practice for exams is by attempting sample papers. It will help you with speed, accuracy, and time management. It is the only preparation method that can give you a reality check. 

If you are tracking your sample paper result honestly, you will find all the loopholes in your preparation. Since it is not the real deal, you can make mistakes here but your final exam sheet should be impeccable. In order to achieve that you should get plenty of hands-on experience on the sample papers.

Sometimes, English exams can be lengthy. Sample papers will help you in regulating your speed during the examination. By the time you will sit in your final exam, you will be a fluent writer.

#6: Focus on Literature Section

In the English exam, the literature section is the easiest to score. If you have prepared all the chapters, you will not face any difficulty in attempting them. Everything in this section is derived from your textbook. Prepare notes with summary, character sketch, author, and various quotes from the chapter. To study the right way of answering questions in your exam you can download first flight class 10 English notes.

Other sections like writing comprehension and grammar have such large scope that you will not be able to figure out the source of the question. Whereas, literature is directly derived from your school curriculum. Follow the NCERT textbook and avoid any extra study material during preparation. 

Thorough knowledge of your chapters and the correct way of answering are the two keys to unlock your perfect score in the literature section. 


English is comparatively easy but it still requires the right amount of practice, revision, and evaluation to score an A. The gap between an average score and a perfect grade can only be covered by hard work and consistency.    

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