Animal Crossing New Horizons 5 Things To Do When You Are Bored


Are you struggling to find things to do in Animal Crossing New Horizons? What to do when you’re bored in ACNH? If you hit a wall with the game, be sure to check out this post. We are going to be sharing 5 ideas with you that will inspire you to pick up your switch and get back to work on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. There are many different ways to play Animal Crossing and everyone moves at a different pace.

What To Do When Bored In ACNH?

1. Try a build or design challenge

You can do this on your own or with friends like you could pick one color and create a build using only Animal Crossing items that are in that color. Use a furniture set you’d never see yourself. Using or even try something that you think you can’t execute something that you think is too complicated or way over your head. Just try it you could probably do it. Another fun idea is to decorate a room or a space outside, themed as your favorite villager or even your favorite TB show or movie, you could probably google Animal Crossing like design challenges and stuff will probably show.

2. Restart your island

Restarting means you’ll definitely have plenty to do. As you’ll have to play through the game storyline again to get three stars and start decorating your island, if you don’t want to restart you could technically just flatten your island and restart from there without having to get rid of your villagers and restart completely. But if you do restart, be sure to ask a friend to hold your Animal Crossing bells, ACNH nook miles tickets or any other important ACNH items that you want to keep before you restart or start over completely up to you. You don’t have to have someone save your island items.

3. Try making custom designs

Get creative and explore the custom design side of Animal Crossing, create clothes that you wish were in the game or try making a new pathway for your island. There are many different custom designs shared on community or twitter and reddit which may give you some design inspiration such as Best ACNH Farm Design Ideas In Autumn 2021.

4. Go on

Nookazone offers a ton of services and things to do. When you’re bored, you can hire people to come draw on your bulletin board or you can offer to draw on them. If you’re artistic or even if you’re not, that could be fun too. You can go on island tours. Offer island tours have someone design a flag for your island, there’s literally so much to do on Nookazone.

5. Try a new game

If none of the previous ideas sparked any interest, you could always try a new game. There are tons of games on the switch to play like.

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