6 Tips On Choosing The Best Virtual Event Platform For Your business


The advent of the pandemic in 2020 forced organizations and employees into their homes, adopting virtual events platforms over in-person events to keep safe. 

We agree that moving to a different technology for regular updates and day-to-day organizational tasks was difficult. But the world was able to learn this new skill and capitalize. And guess what? It is a lot time-friendly and logistic-friendly over in-person events. 

Organizations quickly transformed to virtual events in the market, underwent the entire process of creating a website, setting up the registration process, communicated with the attendees, presented the program, and collected feedback. 

Eventually there have been more such event management platforms in the market overriding the existing bigshots and overpowering the organizations with more equipped features. So, are you looking to upgrade your organizational workflows to a better system with thorough knowledge and advanced features?

Then read these six tips below, which will enlighten you about the newest features and help you to make a wise decision. 

Go for an all-in-one event platform

We have seen and there are still many organizations that have multiple platforms for each of their event modules. A separate platform for hosting the event, for creating a landing page, for the registration process, for collecting feedback, etc. 

How about you use a single platform for all of these event processes?

Imagine the amount of time you can save!

Plus, it is super easy for anybody to take up the event setup process through a single platform and present a successful event. 

Goldcast is your all-in-one virtual event platform that lets you perform all the tasks mentioned above, and more, seamlessly. You can centralize your efforts, set up your virtual event quickly without wasting time. 

Check out the virtual networking feature

To give your virtual events the spark as the in-person events, virtual networking must be enabled. Virtual events without the ability to provide attendees the space to network is a rejection for many registrants. 

Choose an event management platform that lets you conduct live polls and Q&As. Your event platform must provide an in-person event experience by enabling the presence of attendees, moderators, and speakers. 

When you make your move of searching for a better virtual event platform, look for the virtual networking feature – a high quality one will surely have like Goldcast.

Look out for integrations

Even though your virtual event platform is an integrated tool, there are certain aspects that need third party integrations. Like the payment gateway, or the video storage. 

Most event management platforms in the market are unifunctional and do not provide flexibility to the organizations to amend the platform. A good virtual event platform lets you connect with third party integrations easily, like Paypal for payments, and streamline your process. 

You can simplify the workflow and set up an infrastructure plan that leaves a positive mark on your attendees. 

Branding is important

Virtual event platform that doesn’t let you brand your organization through the platform must be a big NO. 

Imagine when you conduct an in-person event, don’t you have your branding all over the conference hall?

Then why not miss out on this important feature during virtual events? 

Many attend virtual events, maybe the topic of discussion or the speaker might interest them to participate. But they might just not know your brand. If you run an event without branding, the new participants will not remember your organization’s name and never come forward for the upcoming event. 

To avoid such mistakes, it is important that you choose a virtual event platform that lets you position your brand such as Goldcast.

Platform’s user experience 

User experience from the start of the event until the end is equally an important feature to look forward to. User experience not only provides a seamless experience to the attendees but also leaves a positive remark about your brand and its efforts in maintaining that perfect process. 

Choose a virtual event platform that lets your attendees explore the intuitive features and awestruck them. 

Don’t forget about the audience insights

You are working so hard to promote your virtual event and grab those eyeballs to register for your upcoming event. You get a good number of registrants and the event goes fine, but would you miss on the opportunity to know more about your audience, their preference, and get more insights? 

How many people responded to the call-to-action, how many of them agreed to the upsell, did they use mobile phones or laptops, which country did they belong to, what is the RoI- these are certain questions you need answers to. 

Look for a virtual event platform that empowers you with all the insights about the audience and lets you make better decisions and helps you communicate with them further through emails. 


Good virtual event platform features are not just restricted to the ones listed above. There are many event platforms that focus on attracting and retaining attendees using various features, and Goldcast is your saviour when you are looking to create virtual events easily. 

Goldcast enables you with features such as planning, promotion, and running tools. It empowers you with networking sessions and integrates with multiple platforms to simplify your workflow. Also, branding is something Goldcast strongly believes in and gives you that enough space. 

Collect all your useful data, create intuitive user experience, and convert them into paying customers. With Goldcast, sky is your limit.

Visit this out to know about Pii-email. On the other hand you can also know about Pii-email.

If you are really looking to capitalize using a virtual event platform, then give Goldcast a try. 

It is worth the shot!

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