6 Hacks You Must Know to Ease Your Children’s Online Learning


Online learning has never been a piece of a cake. As a parent, you know how difficult your child’s situation is as you witness their struggles and mixed emotions in front of the desktop or camera, or perhaps in front of their study table doing activities alone. Lots of things change and fluctuate and we know that it will take a long period before things go back to their normal state. Nonetheless, what we can do is to make this new normal easier.

As classes and discussions in the academe are happening virtually, we must know the things that could help us in this virtual setup. Digital files and systems navigations, hacks in more convenient methods on setting the applications, and a lot more. For you to help your kids to win in this setup, make sure to remember this list.

1. Teach them that PDF files can be edited

You heard it right, as parents, you may inform your kids that they can edit their files having PDF extensions. A portable document file (PDF) is well-known for its firm and stable characteristics. Yet, little do we know is that it could be turned into DOCX files from which you can edit its content, including texts and images. The best tool for this is PDFBear’s PDF to Word tool from which is very convenient and simple to use. Take note: it is 100% free! As professors and teachers usually give their tasks such as assignments and quizzes in the PDF file format, it is quite hard for the students to edit it anymore. With the use of this free online tool, students can just insert their answers and insights in the file without compromising the quality of the file itself as the tool is verified safe to use. By converting the file into DOCX too, the words that will be added can just fit smoothly and rightly to the content.

2. Install task manager apps

Ask your kids to surprise their siblings by installing applications on their devices that would help organize their tasks so that they could prevent procrastination and burnout. What makes task managers ideal is that they could remind you in unexpected moments and make you budget your time efficiently and effectively. Students have so much fondness of movies and games for some time as these could be their pass time and stress-reliever since face-to-face interaction is much impossible for now. Hence, what they need is an organized task manager tool for they could just look at it and track those that they urgently do.

3. Get anti-malware applications

Your child’s siblings are now studying through the use of devices and the Internet. Hence, one of the threats is that the malicious software could penetrate their important files and information wherein it could cause a huge discrepancy in their academic life. Always remember that installing anti-malware devices could be a crucial part of their life as a student in this remote or online learning. Malware can steal, destroy, and attack the devices of your child’s siblings from which the information that it contains could not be retrieved or accessed once wrecked. By having anti-malware applications, you can firstly prevent the threat and burden of this malicious software.

4. Provide a peaceful and conducive space

Online classes of students also need the cooperation of the parents. What we seem to overlook is that we sometimes used to steal the time of our children for their studies. Supporting them in this setup could also be found in our behavior that allows them to have an independent and uninterrupted time wherein they could just focus on their niches and lessen their stresses and dilemmas that are first brought by the setup. Peaceful and conducive space also means giving them privacy or alone time for themselves. As students are inclined in this setup, learning and absorbing all the lessons would be way more challenging. 

5. Optimize the Internet connection

Since we are all just relying on the Internet for us to be kept connected in the world we have outside our homes, having a stable Internet connection is a challenge. People who have the option to connect their devices to the Internet through the hard wire can experience a faster and stable connection so if you can do so, make sure your child’s siblings have done it. If not, being connected through the wireless connection is also fine as long as you make sure you are near the internet router. Also, make sure your child’s siblings have backup devices or options if that connection is too slow for the synchronous conferences.

6. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them

As we are all more isolated in this scenario, the tendency is that we used to accomplish and solve things independently; all by ourselves alone. Solving things alone is good and improving, not until we don’t call for help anymore as we tend to be more comfortable with it. Yet, extreme independence could sometimes be a traumatic response. We do all need help too. If your child’s siblings don’t call for help in their studies or even for other niches, you may reach out to them. You could help and you could contribute some knowledge which is beyond that. As do this, you are also telling your child’s siblings that it is fine to call for help, most especially in this situation. Moreover, it will enhance your connection and it will deepen your parental relationship.


Online learning is indeed an exhausting thing. Amid the tensions that we might feel from the things that happened, lots of personal and internal dilemmas might also trouble us. As learning requires essential things for us to fully achieve optimum learning, lots of factors might emerge and hinder us from our studies. As a parent who can understand the needs of your child is studying, you can be the torch for them to fully realize their full potential amid these trying times. Don’t let the hurdles make the struggles of your kids. Instead, help them by doing these things to make their online learning easier.

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