5 Perfect Suit Accessories for Men


It is an art to look your grandest in your suit, which is made up of precisely sized shoulders, cuffs, waists, inseams, and other details. Your suit must first and foremost fit you correctly; the latter is where the final touches come into play.

You are prepared to learn the creative touches that catapult you into the next stratum of style — we’re talking about accessories — once you have established the basis of your suit wardrobe. The proper suit accessories can add individuality, break up the boredom of your everyday business wear, and take your style to new heights. Without further ado, here are the suit accessories that you can choose from:

1. Wristwatch

Indeed a perfect exquisite partner. A wristwatch will bring out the elegance and crispness in your physique along with the sophistication of your suit. It is like a default option to take note: a suit and a wristwatch are best friends. What makes the wristwatch an ideal suit accessory is that it becomes the symbol of artistry and grandeur that can catch everyone’s attention.

When looking for a wristwatch, make sure you get the authentic one to exhibit integrity and finesse. As a tip, choose a wristwatch from the Breitling collection. Breitling is recognized for producing some of the world’s best chronographs. Their timepieces include slide rule bezels that aid in the computation of mathematical equations. Pilots all over the world appreciate this brand because of its accuracy. Breitling also provides professional dive watches, with a range of underwater timepieces that have piqued the interest of both recreational and professional divers. Breitling has been deemed the ultimate companion for pilots throughout its existence. True, these watches, which range from the Breitling Navitimer to the Breitling Aviator 8, have a slew of features that aviators find essential when flying or exploring. Breitling watches are second to none in terms of quality, whether you’re a professional pilot or a watch collector.

A gold bracelet might become a great complement for the watch of your choice. It may be the same color with the watch to act as a part of it as well as it may look significantly different from the watch and add contrast to your outfit. Alternatively, you can wear a bracelet on the other hand, as some find it more comfortable to have accessories on both hands.
Also, gold bracelets for men can be chosen to perfectly match your ring, if you have one. Fortunately, it is quite easy nowadays to come across a great selection of completely various, yet high-quality, jewelry pieces to choose something perfect for you and your other accessories.

2.    Lapel Pin

A lapel pin adds a touch of old-world panache to a modern suit but avoids wandering into the realm of “novelty” suit accessories. Your lapel pin should have been a subtle addition to your outfit that shows your unique style without being intrusive or detracting from it. That squirting clown flower, in other words, is not an option. Long-stem lapel pins, which are attached with a stick pin connection and carved into all sorts of colorful metallic designs: geometric forms, arrows, instruments, you name it, are a popular modern variant.

A boutonniere is a formal lapel decoration produced using a real flower; however, contemporary lapel fake flowers can be manufactured from wool or silk. Don’t wear a corsage to work; instead, save it for formal celebrations such as formal dances, weddings, and holiday parties. Badge pins are another form that is frequently used to show allegiance with something, such as a country’s symbol, a family crest, or a military emblem.

3.    Tie

This men’s suit item may appear to be self-evident. We don’t need to persuade you of the importance of having a decent tie collection. Your tie provides a variety of options to personalize your style with a dress shirt and suit by allowing you to choose the hue, material, width, knot, and shirt match. Plus, given how often you’ll be asked to wear a tie, this may be the simplest method to show off your accessorizing skills.

4.    Belt

A belt is, at its most elementary, a tool for keeping your dress pants in place. If the fit is not quite right, a belt will hold your dress pants in place and prevent the infamous plumber’s crack. A belt is not necessary if you are wearing a bespoke suit or even custom dress pants built to your dimensions because the dress pants will fit perfectly. A belt, on the other hand, is more than simply a utilitarian accessory. Your belt is front-and-center when you are wearing a tucked-in shirt and an open-up jacket.

5.    Pocket Square

A flash of hue in your chest pocket will add a sophisticated flare to your outfit. A pocket square is a fantastic suit accent for guys who want to give a personal touch to their suits and jackets. Even if you’re suiting up or wearing a blazer, the pocket square is a vital component of your outfit at Black Lapel. Without at least a plain white pocket square, a jacket is just bare. Color, design and fold technique should all be used to give interest to a pocket square. It can either complement or contrast the rest of your ensemble, but the overall effect should always be pleasing.


While it may appear to be a lot to take in at first, learning the many sorts of suit accessories is straightforward if you take it one step at a time. Learn how to apply your favorite suit accessories, identify your style inclinations, and love to look even better in your bespoke suits than you currently do.

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