Wps Pdf Tool: How to Convert Powerpoint to Pdf


Are you fed up with emailing Powerpoint presentations to colleagues or clients, and then they tell you they cannot open it because they don’t have this software installed? A simple solution to this issue is converting your Powerpoint into PDF. With WPS PDF Tool, it’s quick and painless.

This article will demonstrate how to utilize WPS, the PDF tool, to change your ppt to Pdf format.

WPS recognizes the challenges of its customers and works to make life easier for users. Here’s how you can fix this issue. Powerpoint to PDF converter software is free to download from WPS. It is possible to transform PowerPoint to pdf documents for free by using this program.

For free, Powerpoint to PDF Converter software lets you benefit from PDF features you have yet to get used to for your presentations in business and other communications. It is easy to see the advantages of PDF over PowerPoint. Data must be shared with various parties, but it has to be secured. 

PDF: The Benefits 

For study or business purposes, PowerPoint is a very efficient tool. There are numerous advantages to Powerpoint. Some of them are mentioned below:

The first benefit is document protection—using pdf instead of PowerPoint. The user’s access to a slideshow in pdf slides can be modified in the event of need. The use of a digital signature can secure slideshows in PDF. Digital signatures are needed to authenticate. By doing this, you can stop the spread of false information.

PDF files are compressed. This is a further advantage over PowerPoint documents. Because of the audio and visual content, PowerPoint files are hard to distribute to other users. Sharing large files on the Internet is a challenge. This is the quickest solution for reducing the size of files without sacrificing quality. Save your files in the format of PDF for long-term use. This section examines the quality of the text or image.

Step 1: Download and Install WPS PDF Tool

First, download and install WPS, the PDF tool, on your computer. The program is free and available for download via the official site.

Step 2: Open WPS PDF Tool

After your installation is complete, install the WPS PDF tool, you can open it and choose the “Convert” or “Convert PDF” option from the main screen.

Step 3: Select Your Powerpoint File

Then, select the Powerpoint presentation you wish to convert into PDF by clicking on the “Add Files” button. You can drag and drop the document in WPS PDF Tool. WPS PDF Tool window.

Step 4: Choose the PDF Output Settings

WPS PDF Tool permits you to alter the setting output for the PDF document you created. You can select the size of the page and orientation as well as compression settings that work for your requirements.

Step 5: Convert Your Powerpoint to PDF

Once you’ve chosen the settings you want to use, click the “Convert” button to begin the conversion process. WPS PDF Tool WPS PDF Tool can change your Powerpoint presentation into PDF format within seconds.

Step 6: Save Your PDF File

After completing the conversion process, you can save the converted PDF file to the desired destination.

Why should you convert your Powerpoint to PDF using WPS Adobe PDF Tool?

The conversion of your Powerpoint presentation into PDF format offers many advantages. PDF files are widely recognized and open from any device, with no requirement for any additional software. Here are a few reasons why you should select WPS, the PDF tool for converting your Powerpoint into PDF

  • The software is free to download and install.
  • WPS PDF Tool delivers high-quality PDF output
  • Conversion is speedy and efficient.
  • You can modify the settings for PDF output to meet your specific needs.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to use.


Converting your Powerpoint presentation into PDF format is a fantastic method for ensuring that other users can easily read your display. When you use the WPS PDF Tool, it is straightforward. If you follow the steps in this article, you can convert your Powerpoint to PDF with only a few clicks. Why wait? Get the WPS PDF tool today and convert your Powerpoint presentations into PDF format.

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