What Your Choice in Hotel Furniture Says about Your Hotel Style


As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.” In any hotel, furniture is present everywhere, from reception to lobby to guest rooms and so on. In this respect, hotel furniture is known for its resilience, i.e., it can withstand wear and tear from constant use over an extended time. Moreover, hotel furniture has to pass the standardized test of stability, durability, and weighing.

Hotel furniture style differs hugely depending upon the pace of the innovation. These different styles present different sets of experiences. So, what makes hotel furniture project different from the other one? Let’s unpack them a bit.

The different styles of hotel furniture

1. Contemporary Style

These are similar to that of modern hotel furniture style, and they come from a combination of various styles. This design creates flexibility and generally avoids complexity. The end goal of this type of style is to bring comfort to the customer.

2. Neo-Classic style

The purpose of this style is to resemble a historical heritage. This design has elegant beauty and historical touch. The usual colors used in this style of hotel furniture are black and gold so that a semblance can be created with the classical era.

3. Tropical Style

As the name suggests, this style is to recreate a tropical experience for the customer via hotel furniture. The natural material is used to make the furniture. Green is the preferred color for most of the decorations as it is considered the color of nature.

And the list goes on. As hotel furniture is an important part of any hotel setup, it plays a crucial role in shaping the public’s perception of hotel branding.

Furniture is at the forefront of conveying your message because it is an integral part of every environment. Firstly, its must-have comfort and luxury. People may not remember what you say to them, but they surely remember how you make them feel.

Secondly, make sure that the allocation of furniture is strategic. Thirdly, It must be aesthetics in its design and display. Lastly, it must not have wear and tear and is resilient and durable. All these steps will send a message of professionalism, a customer-oriented approach, and a great experience, which will help in enhancing the brand image.

It is safe to say that the style and design of hotel furniture says a lot about the hotel style. Different designs convey different messages, so make sure that you select what corresponds to your values. Some of the highly influential styles are given below.

4. Modern Style

Modern style is somewhat neutral in its display, and it is usually updated continuously to suit contemporary trends. The primary goal is to adapt to whatever the current trend is. The design and style represent the intersection of modernity.

5. Luxury Style

The distinctive feature of this style is comfort. The design and style are to enhance luxury and elegance. Owing to luxury, this type of hotel furniture can be a bit expensive compared to other types. Different materials and shapes are used to get the best furniture possible to comfort the masses.

6. Holiday style

Here the goal is to portray the feeling of relaxation like the one observed on any holiday. The design must make people retreat from their hectic life cycle. This hotel furniture is also entitled to comfort as no one would like holidays without comfort.

7. Minimalist style

The only rule followed in this style is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The goal is to reduce the design to a minimal level provided that they perform the necessary function. The design is sleek and is not overwhelmed by excessive decorations. So, at the end of the day, the price of this furniture is less than anything else available in the market.

IFC FF&E is a hotel furniture supplier that takes care of the needs of its customers to every possible extent. They provide high-quality furniture to their clients as they follow all the standard practices used in furniture making. They have a wide variety of hotel furniture designs available, and you can even get the designs of your choice quickly. Working with customers worldwide, they are the trendsetters in the market as a range of customers applauds their furniture designs.

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