What Is The Role Of The Police In Family Law Matters


Many people believe that police have the power to handle any mishap situation. But when it comes to family law matters, this is not the case. When you are going through a very tough situation with your spouse, police officers may play specific roles in handling your problem. The best family lawyers in Brisbane will guide you with the functions of the police in different situations of family law matters.

The co-parent is retaining the child even though time has expired

You may start family law proceedings if you want your children back from their co-parent. Police may ensure that your child is safe through a welfare check. When the child is secure and not at risk of getting harmed, police will no longer be involved.

Need Help Against Family Abuses And Violence

When family violence and abuse are factors, you will get help from the police. The police may pass intervention orders to protect you and your children. Though the intervention orders will not override or revoke the family court orders, the interventions are necessary when situations go out of control. Even when the children have been reported to stay in a safe place and remain protected, they are contacted with court orders or when the parents agree. Various Geelong family lawyers can suggest action plans when you face violence and family abuse.

Co-Parent has breached Parenting Orders

You may have gone to court and received some orders from the court. If your co-parent has breached the orders, you can file a contravention application to the court. You can also apply for the recovery order. The court may then allow the police to intervene and carry out the order. The police will then ensure that the co-parent returns the child at the designated time ordered by the court.

Attempt for Removing The Child Overseas

When the co-parents attempt to remove the child from the Overseas law by the family court orders, police may intervene to stop the illegal removal of the child.

Already Removed The Child Overseas

Police have no role when the child has already been removed from the jurisdiction. You can file a case for recovery from the overseas jurisdiction with the help of the court system. Family lawyers in Newcastle may guide you with the plans of action when the child has already been removed from the overseas jurisdiction.

False Reports Are Not Acceptable

Sometimes police are called to create false evidence in front of them, like the destruction of property, child abuse, and other misconduct. But the police intervention will only work when the reports are accurate. Creating false statements may not be a good idea as it is detected easily by the court, and the credibility of the guilty person gets undermined.


Police interventions are generally required to follow court orders. The court orders are not overridden or revoked by the police. Family lawyers may guide you with the plans of action when you face difficulties staying together and planning for a separation.

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