What is an Ozone Meter Used For?


An ozone meter measures the concentration of ozone meter in the air. It features an LCD display and gives the concentration in ppm every 10 seconds. It also has an audible alarm that goes off if the concentration is a certain level. It also displays STEL (average concentration over 15 minutes), TWA (8-hour average), Peak, and TWA/Peak (8-hour average). It is equipped with an internal pump that allows it to sample even in hard-to-reach spaces.

Ozone meter

Ozone meters are small devices that measure the concentration of ozone in the air. They are portable and can be clipped to the belt, shirt pocket, or helmet. They monitor ozone levels in the air and send an audible alarm if the concentration reaches a certain level. They are extremely useful in protecting humans in dangerous environments.

They measure ozone concentration based on the Beer-Lambert Law, which states that the absorption of light is proportional to the concentration of ozone. They work by shining a mercury lamp with a 254 nanometer wavelength through reflective mirrors. The light then passes through a photodiode, which detects the changes in brightness. The values obtained are then processed using onboard electronics. Some ozone meters use an onboard 4-20 mA current output, while others use RS232 serial port or internal flash memory.

Shock ozone meter

A Shock Ozone Meter is a device that measures ozone concentrations. It uses a highly accurate electrochemical cell sensor to determine the concentration of O3. It features a large LCD display that displays the time, temperature, and O3 concentration in ppm. It also includes a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours. The unit can be recharged with a standard micro-USB cord. The Shock Ozone Meter is protected against shock and has a rating of IP65.

The device was tested for its ozone emissions in a small room. It contains approximately one cubic meter and is equipped with a wooden table and chair. The room is carpeted and has painted walls. The central air ventilation system was turned off. The product to be tested was placed in the center of the room.

POM 2 ozone meter

The POM 2 ozone meter uses a UV-based technology to measure ozone in the air. It is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Federal Equivalent Method. It is portable and has high sensitivity and dynamic range. It uses the well-established technique of absorption of ultraviolet light at 254 nm to measure ozone. The device is lightweight and consumes very little power.

The POM exhibited high precision and accuracy during testing. It was able to measure ozone concentrations within 8% of the Model 205. It did not show significant deviances when challenge compounds were introduced. Despite this high precision, the POM’s results tended to drift downward during the second half of the sampling period. This means that the POM needs to be calibrated annually.


The Series 500 portable gas monitor is coupled with a metal oxide (WO3) GSS ozone sensor to measure ozone concentrations. The ozone sensor shows good linearity across the full range of ozone concentrations. The monitor is also able to record its readings every four seconds, which makes it a perfect choice for leak detection and health and safety monitoring. Furthermore, it is affordable and easy to operate in the field. These portable ozone monitors are used by blue chip companies all over the world.

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