What is a Nordic style house like?


Building home รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี Nordic Style House : Nordic Style or Scandinavian : Scandinavian inspired by the Nordic countries. which is the Northern European region such as Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Vithuania and Finland. that create and design for the hometown of warmth It’s like being in the middle of nature even in a cold country. Of course, the population of northern Europe is mostly cold climates, such as Sweden and Norway. that has been sung as Land of the Midnight Sun The sun never sets, making this country almost always bright.

Characteristics of a Nordic style house

nordic culture rather to be connected to nature called conservative Despite being modern, it is popular with nature. Therefore, buildings, buildings, houses will bring geometric shapes like tall triangles and fascia shapes (pentagonal gables) to line up perfectly. Decorated both outside and inside, focusing on lush nature as the main focus on simplicity.

Every proportion of the area can be used with benefits. The house, building, and building are exposed to natural light for freshness. good ventilation The distinctiveness of the Nordic style house is indispensable. The attic space can be said to be unique in this style of home.

Attic (High Ceiling) room on the top floor or almost on top Nowadays it is commonly used as the main bedroom. with transparency Comfortable and natural light See a wide angle of the scenery It gives a feeling of great relaxation.

Nordic-style houses, although they are decorated to be refreshing, emphasizing nature together with modernity by choosing soft tones to perfectly match the sunlight. In every corner, you can also choose to use furniture to create luxury. or modern, depending on the residents and the style they have. Perfectly combined with every style whether it is wooden furniture combined with marble decoration or walls decorated in various ways Whether choosing a pine wall bare cement floor, etc.

Why is the Nordic style home so popular?

With being a building, buildings, houses are close to nature. similar to the culture of Thai people In the matter of favoring transparency Comfortable and green spaces that help heal the minds of urban society as well. Construction of buildings, buildings, houses that are exposed to light and wind. Help keep the house cool.

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Conclusion : Nordic style homes are striking and beautiful, but there are many elements that can make a home look perfect. Regardless of both material and design If you are someone who has a taste for nordic style. You can consult us to use the best materials for the house, both the roof system and the wall system.

How do you want the house to be cold? What material is good?

Traditionally Thai-style houses emphasize on airiness, openness, and comfort, with terraces and gable roofs to allow the wind to blow. But with the modern day, it has been open to many different cultures from foreign countries. Thailand, therefore, we have a mix of different styles of houses in order to have a design that appeals to everyone. With the subject of architects, design, and art blending to make each house unique. and this unique design make many times at home Buildings have to face the problem of “hot houses”, the solution to this problem will be gone. How do you do it? Let’s see.

How to keep the house cooler

1. Before building a house, you should look at the direction well. Choose a house plan to let in light. Good wind and ventilation Avoid exposure to the south and west. Exposure to light and wind in the north

– Living room and bedroom should be east or north.

– Bathroom, kitchen, storage room should be west or south

2. The high roof will be able to provide good air circulation and ventilation. or insulated on the roof to keep and prevent hot air reflection keep cool inside the house

3. Choose wall insulation to help the wall reflect heat. and retains the cold as well

4. Use a light shade. sheer fabric to help reflect sunlight

5. Plant trees to help add coolness to the house, whether

– A large tree is planted around the house. Be careful not to be too close to the house because the roots can damage the house, for example, Bua Sawan, Plumeria, Mok Luang, Kaew Chao Chom, Champi Khao, Chompoo Nam Dok Mai, Madan.

– Ivy, such as gecko feet, Bali curtain, Inthanin necklace, Phuangpradit, Hirinyika, morning glory and the bright moon covers the walls

6. Choose exterior paint colors in light tones. These include cool colors such as green, blue, white, cream or earth tones. Will reflect sunlight well if you like dark colors Currently, there are also heat-reflecting colors to choose from as well.

7. Install a cooling fan under the roof.

8. When not in use, the electrical appliances should be unplugged to help cool the house. better in the room

9. Avoid placing furniture, decorations near the air conditioner. In order not to work too hard and also to reduce the humidity of the air so that the air conditioner does not have to work hard.

10. Make an awning around the window to reduce the temperature splashing into the room.

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