What Does Over 2.5 Goals Mean In Betting?


Coming to terms with all the different betting jargon that comes with the gambling world can be confusing at first. The huge markets and extensive selections that bettors can make allow you to bet on almost anything in a football game which makes it such a minefield to navigate when you are just starting out. When it comes to football betting, betting on a goal or two seems like a good idea – it is the point of the game at the end of the day. Over and under bets are one of the best options for striking (ha, get it!) the perfect balance between risk and reward when football betting. We are going to take a look at over 2.5 goal betting, but what does over 2.5 goals mean in betting?

When betting on football you will be given the option of the amount of goals in 0.5 increments, from 0.5 to 6.5 and beyond. The reason it is in 0.5 increments is to allow you to make a choice between wagering on either more or less goals than the 0.5 decision you happen to make. These bets allow you to wager just how many goals there is going to be in any given football match throughout the 90 minutes (it’s important to remember that these types of bets will only ever work on games within 90 minutes and don’t apply if the game goes to extra-time or penalties).

To explain this better, we are going to use an example. For instance, if you are wanting to wager on an over 2.5 goals bet you are essentially betting that there will be 3 or more goals in the game. This is because when you bet over 2.5 goals, the only result in football this scoreline can be is 3 or more goals, or less than 3 goals, seen as you do not get half goals in the game. So that means when you bet over 2.5 goals you are predicting the scoreline to be something like 3-0, 3-1, 2-1 or 3-2. Regardless of which team has scored, you need 3 goals to win the bet. Alternatively if you think there is going to be less goals in the game than this then there is an unders option which essentially reverses the process.

The beauty of these bets is their versatility and ability to bank extra odds onto your betting slip. The better odds combined with the likelihood of these bets coming off make them a solid addition to any betslip. When combining this type of bet with others from different matches of using this type of bet alongside other selections, you can make really good and more safe accas to try to bring home the bacon. As we all know big accas are very appealing to many and with tipsters now helping bettors more than ever before (honestly you should see Footy Accumulators brilliant tips) you have a better chance than ever to  Often in top flight football, goals are not in short supply with less than 10% of games ending 0-0.

It is the perfect balance of risk and reward that the over or under 2.5 goals betting offers which makes them so appealing to many beginner and veteran gamblers alike.

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