What Do We Expect For Podcasts in 2022


It’s no secret that podcasts are one of the fastest-growing mediums in the world right now. The number of podcasts produced and streamed every year is projected to double by 2022.

It’s thrilling to be a part of this amazing industry. Podcasts are still in their infancy and there are so many directions they can grow. So, tune in for more exciting opportunities for listeners and creators alike.

Since their emergence as a medium in 2004, podcasts have come a long way. What began with a single radio show on technology and society has now turned into over 1 million shows, covering every topic under the sun.

It’s been a wild ride, populated by both successes and failures, but let’s take a moment to look forward.

What Do We Expect About Podcasts This Year?

What trends are we excited to see in 2022? Here are a few:

More and more podcasts emerged to fill the gap left by television shows and movies. They are becoming a popular alternative to entertainment. Fewer opportunities are present for movie-goers and TV-watchers. People are now turning to new sources of content-and that includes audio storytelling. The demand for more diverse and creative stories has never been higher! Expect podcasters to rise up and meet this challenge with innovative ideas in 2022.

The podcasting industry will continue to shift from amateur hobbyists to professional creators. There has been an increase in hosts who get hired to talk about their expertise on specific topics. This could mean more scripted shows like fiction.

360-Degree Audio

New tech and developments of tools are the driving force behind the growth of podcasting. This year is no exception.

Using more than one microphone can enhance the sound quality of any podcast. But there are more high-quality mics that hit the market today.

You would see a growing interest in 360-degree audio-a spatial recording technique. This tech makes the voice fuller and deep, immersing listeners in the audio they hear.

Podcasts for Our Kids

We can expect more podcasts geared toward children in the upcoming year. Not only will parents be able to find shows geared toward their kids, but also those that parents would enjoy.

You could listen together or let your child be alone (think of it as an audio babysitter). Soon, you will see your children with their own podcasts as well, so stay tuned!

Expect More Diversity in the Industry in 2022

This year, we’re excited to see more diversity in the industry. Talks on race, gender, and hard-core politics will be at the forefront of many podcasters’ minds. Be ready to hear stories that are inclusive and representative of the world.

We’re also eager to see how virtual reality technology evolves over time. This type of innovation might change not only the way we listen but also who has access to this form of entertainment as well!

Get excited with Podcast Movement, happening this summer. And you have probably already heard about the event if you are an avid podcaster. Here, both newbies and veterans discover the latest trends to take the industry by storm in 2022.

Female-Led Podcasts Will Continue to Rise

We’ve been seeing more and more female-led podcasts over the past few years. Expect that this trend will continue through 2022-and beyond! Women now find their voice as media creators and influencers. Some of our favorite female-led podcasts include:

  • Call Your Girlfriend: This is a fun weekly show hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. These BFFs discuss everything from pop culture to politics, and they do it with humor and heart.
  • Anne Litt Presents: Fresh Air from KCRW presents musician Anne Litt as the show’s host. Hear her chat with artists sharing about songwriting, performing arts, and more.

The Industry will Break Down Barriers Between Countries and Continents

The US may currently be leading in podcast listening. But with the rise of platforms like Spotify, foreign content would soon make its way into our ears too.

Podcasts That Move

We’ve been talking about this for a while, and some people have even made it happen already.

Get ready to hear more podcasters being experimental in their shows. Nowadays, there are podcasts that cater to your specific interests. You can customize your experience based on your location, etc.

One example of how location-specific technology is changing the game is the settings of your listening history. You now have more control beyond what ads recommend you to listen to.

If you’re a podcast enthusiast, you definitely want to see something new in 2022. The list of trends above would sure improve the podcast industry. Look forward to more shows that meet users’ needs and create an out-of-the-box audio experience.

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