What Are The Considering Factor In Choosing Fashionable Back-Pack?


“Backpack” is useful not only for casual outfits but also for active scenes. It has excellent storage capacity, so you can go out with confidence even on days when you have a lot of luggage. Another point is that both hands are not blocked, and it is easy to move. A wide variety of backpacks are on sale, from high-end brands to sports brands.

So this time, we would like to introduce how to choose fashionable ladies backpack.

1-Choose by size

For daily use, 5-10L is enough. Even with a minimalistic 5L backpack, if it has a pocket, you can securely store small items, and you can carry the items you need for going out.

With 10L, you can store 12 to 13 inch laptops and A4 size items. It is also useful for commuting backpacks for work and trips of about 1 night and 2 days. 15-20L is recommended for those who want to use it in active scenes such as mountain climbing and camping.

2-Choose by material

The backpack made of leather has a luxurious feel, and the outfit looks high. Faux leather is easy to clean and can be purchased at a reasonable price. For casual and sporty outfits, a backpack made of nylon or chemical fibres is perfect. There are plenty of designs and color variations so that you can enjoy it according to your outfit and mood.

Also, if you like natural taste coordination and a warm atmosphere, a backpack made of cloth such as kinari or linen is the best choice.

3-Choose by design color

The backpack’s chic design, which is based on black and navy, matches various styling’s regardless of the season. Brown and beige are recommended for those who want to create a feminine and warm atmosphere.

You can enhance the season’s mood by choosing bright colors such as yellow and blue in spring and summer and deep colors such as Bordeaux and green in autumn and winter.

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